Review: My Dangerous Pleasure (My Immortals #4) by Carolyn Jewel

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Review: My Dangerous Pleasure (My Immortals #4) by Carolyn Jewel four-half-stars
My Dangerous Pleasure by Carolyn Jewel
Series: My Immortals #4
Published by cJewel Books on February 20, 2014
Genres: Erotic, Fantasy Romance, PNR, Romance
Pages: 317
Format: eBook
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Paisley Nichols is drawn into a dark world of demons, witches, and mages after a magical attack leaves her near death. The man who’s been stalking her is a mage with a tenuous hold on sanity. Iskander, her smoking hot landlord, is the demon who saved her life. As she copes with her new abilities and the threat she represents to magic-using humans, she can’t help but see Iskander with new eyes. He’s sexy, uninhibited, and sinfully handsome, but there’s also an undeniable emotional connection between them. First he’s in her arms, then her bed, and, before long, her heart.

Keep the human woman alive. Those are Iskander’s orders after the attack on his tenant leaves her with abilities that can save his kind from unimaginable suffering. When it comes to human women, Paisley is his physical ideal, and he’s all about finding out how far she’d like to go, no strings attached and all boundaries ignored. Except she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a partner, in bed and out. Now he has two jobs: keep her alive and convince her she’s the only woman for him.

My Dangerous Pleasure is Book 4 in the My Immortals Series, set in a world where demons are real and the people who use magic to protect innocent humans aren’t always in the right.

I’m in the process of reviewing the My Immortals series and I’m totally out of order, lol. I think I’m finding it easier to review my favorites first…and I loved My Dangerous Pleasure. I was totally surprised to find how much I loved Iskander. 😀

I wasn’t a fan of Iskander when the reader meets him in My Wicked Enemy (mainly cause he had sex with Nikodemus&Carson). Iskander was a bloodtwin in a menage relationship with Harsh (the brother of Alexandrine from My Forbidden Desire) until his bloodtwin, Fen, betrayed them. Fen – for reasons unknown other than she’s insane – decided to get into a relationship with mage Rasmus Kessler (Alexandrine’s biological father). Fen willingly binds herself to Rasmus which betrays her bloodbond to Iskander. Because they are still bonded, the betrayal makes Fen [even more?] insane and starts affecting Iskander. In order to protect himself, Iskander blocks his bloodbond to Fen but this cuts him off from everything – slowing but not stopping Iskander’s decent into madness. In her insanity, Fen “gives” Harsh to Rasmus who takes Harsh mageheld. Carson manages to free both Harsh and Iskander in My Wicked Enemy.

My Dangerous Pleasure takes place about a year or so after the events in My Wicked Enemy. Iskander is (mostly) sane and living the bachelor life: lots of random women and one night stands. He owns a small place alone and he rents the apartment above his garage to a regular human woman, Paisley. Paisley is a regular person living her dream: she owns a small but successful bakery. Paisley’s life is normal until Rasmus Kessler walks into her shop. Rasmus starts stalking Paisley after she rejects him romantically. In additional to stalking Paisley physically, Kessler finds some kind of way to force his magic inside of her, slowly turning her into a witch.

Iskander saves Paisley, becoming her protector and eventually lover. I loved watching Iskander have to step away from his “ladies man” act and be real with a woman he cared about. I loved watching Paisley take care of Iskander. I loved them together and apparently I am a sap, lol. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what I loved so much about this duo but love them I do.

One of the things I loved was that Iskander was such a dog but he didn’t need “straightening out” nor was he “looking for someone” to get him to change his ways. When Iskander got to know Paisley, he realized she was special and they had something special together and he wanted to keep it. I loved that Paisley didn’t give Iskander [much] grief over his womanizing ways – even though three different friends if Iskander basically told Paisley that Iskander was a womanizer.

“You should think about moving closer to the rest of us.”

“Have you been talking to Leonidas?”

“My place in Tiburon has plenty of room. Lots of company, too. I know Carson wouldn’t mind another woman in the house.” He shrugged. “Or you could move here if you want. Up to you. Either way, you’d be safer from Rasmus.”

“I’m happy where I am.”

He met her gaze. “Yeah?”


“If that changes, you know you have somewhere to go.”

“Give him a little credit, Warlord.”

“Oh, I do.” He laughed. “I hope it works out between you two, I really do.”
He didn’t sound like he thought it would.
-page 302

Oh my! Iskander is such a dog! I swear, you know he’s bad when his friends warn you off. O_O But lovable none the less.

One of my favorite scenes in My Dangerous Pleasure is when Paisley is introduced to other members of the My Immortals “crew”:

Xia took a tentative bite. Good grief. He was almost as gorgeous as Iskander. She enjoyed watching the expression on his face go from worry to amazement to sheer bliss.

“Where did you buy these?” he asked Iskander.

Iskander jerked his thumb in Paisley’s direction and grinned. “My secret weapon made them.”

Xia’s head whipped around, and Paisley was speared by a pair of eyes too blue to be real. Nobody had eyes like that in real life. Neon blue. Not human. Her chest thrummed. He took a step toward her. She would have backed up if she wasn’t already against the table. Xia was really big, and though she knew Iskander would never let anyone hurt her, Xia didn’t look friendly. He jabbed a finger at her. “You made these brownies?”

“Yes, sir, I did.” Her accent turned as thick as her chocolate syrup. She wiped her hands on a paper napkin and held it out. “Paisley Nichols. Pleased to meet you.”

“You’re Paisley Nichols?” His eyes went wide, and he did a quick check of Iskander. “The human woman Nikodemus was telling us about?”

She nodded. “I assume so, yes.”

“You freed kin who were lost to us.”

“That’s her,” Iskander said.

Xia ate another bite of brownie. “And you made these?”

“Yes, sir, I did.”

While she watched in amazement, Xia went down on both knees and then bowed his head, the fingers of one hand pressed to his forehead. That got them some attention. The noise level in the room went down several more notches. Xia looked up and said, “For food like that, I’d swear fealty to you if I weren’t already sworn.”
-pgs 283-284

I truly enjoyed My Dangerous Pleasure! I loved Iskander and Paisley. I also loved her new power(s) – though I have to admit that it’s very convenient that [yet another] person has popped up with a special (and new!) power that only boosts Nikodemus’s prestige and power.

Most of the books in the My Immortals series typically have some kind of underlying issue woven into the plotline. I can’t quite put my finger on the moral of this particular story, however. There are a lot of things that fall into the “moral” aspect of the story: the unending agony of the ritually murdered kin; the repercussions of not keeping your word; stalking is bad and that love may not always conquer all. That’s a lot to parse down into one statement so I guess I haven’t. I *think* that this book is one that has a lot of important plot details for the rest of the series but standing alone is mostly just a good story.





Blood-twins: A bonded pair of fiends who share a permanent magical connection. They may be biologically related and/or same-sex. Antisocial and prone to psychosis.
Demon: Any one of a number of shape-shifting magical beings whose chief characteristic is, as far as the magekind are concerned, the ability to possess and control a human.
Fiend: A subspecies of demon. Before relations with the magekind exploded into war, they frequently bonded with the magekind.
Kin: What fiends collectively call each other. Socially divided into various factions seeking power over other warlord-led factions. The Kin connect with other Kin via psychic links, often collectively. They typically possess multiple physical forms, at least one of which is recognizably human.
Magekind: Humans who possess magic. The magekind arose to protect vanilla humans from the depredations of demons, a very real threat.
Mage: A male who possesses magic. A sorcerer. See also magekind.
Mageheld: A fiend or other demon who is under the complete control of one of the magekind.
Severing: The act of removing a mageheld from the control of a mage or witch, through the use of magic.
Vanilla: A human with no magic or, pejoratively, one of the magekind with little power.
Warlord: A fiend who leads some number of other fiends, who have sworn fealty. Usually a natural leader possessing far more magic than others of the Kin.
Witch: A human female who possesses magic. A sorceress. See also magekind.

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