Review: Mr and Mrs (Alexa Riley Promises #1) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Mr and Mrs (Alexa Riley Promises #1) by Alexa Riley two-half-stars
Mr and Mrs by Alexa Riley
Series: Alexa Riley Promises #1
Published by Alexa Riley on April 10, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 94
Format: eBook
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Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises. This series is dedicated to old romances. It’s tropes galore, with all of our usual over-the-top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness.

These short books will focus on traditional and classic tropes while sticking to the Alexa Riley code: no cheating and always with an HEA. That’s our Promise to you.

Mr and Mrs

Phillip has been married to Molly for a year. He’s beyond obsessed with his new wife, to the point that he has to hold his true feelings back. If she knew how crazy he is for her, she might push him away.

Molly is feeling distance growing between them, and she’s worried she’s not enough. One night she walks in on Phillip, and it changes everything.

When Phillip discovers Molly was in an accident and now has amnesia, he’s going to do all he can to make her fall in love with him again. Holding nothing back this time.

Warning: It’s just as crazy as it sounds and just as over-the-top ridiculous. If you want to get silly with us and spend a little time away from reality, grab this one up!

Let me start by being 100% honest: I disliked this book quite a bit.

This is a new series by Alexa Riley where it seems she’ll be rehashing old Harlequin Romance tropes. Amnesia + a secret baby is most certainly an old school HR trope.

And I always hated it.

I disliked Mr and Mrs because of the reasons given that caused the initial beginning of the BigMis. The reason given – that the husband has started to pull away due to his overwhelming need for the wife – is like a big can of “fuck that shit.” I don’t understand that reasoning at all. But I am one of those women who doesn’t do unrequited love and I love for my man to be all about me. I live for that shit. But the book is very true to the trope. I just am not a big fan of the trope and was hoping the AR twist would make it work for me but it did not.

The other major issue I had with Mr and Mrs was the writing: there were what felt like entire chapters dedicated to telling the reader what happened instead of showing the reader via action – that’s a lot considering how short Mr and Mrs is. I find that sort of storytelling boring and irritating so I skim/skipped it.

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