Review: Mine to Take by Alexa Kaye

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Review: Mine to Take by  Alexa Kaye zero-stars
Mine to Take Published by Self-Published on July 21, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Mail Order Brides, Romance
Pages: 81
Format: eBook
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I didn't want a wife.

Yes, I found myself a mail-order bride. But before my would-be wife got on the plane to come to Alaska, I changed my mind and canceled the wedding. She ended up coming anyway.

And now that I've seen her, touched her, tasted her, she's going nowhere.

Alaska is a wild, vast place. It's dangerous. It's beautiful. It's untamed. And my desire for my bride is just as fierce and unrestrained.

Mila may be scared of both.

She may even try to leave.

But I'll make sure the only direction she runs is into my arms.

Mine. Mila is mine.

Warning: This sticky-hot, sweet story of insta-love and baby-making is a perfect bedtime read...and may inspire you to kill the Kindle, grab your partner, and practice some baby-making yourself. But if you want to read something truly dark and twisted, try CJ Roberts.

I learned about Mine to Take and Alexa Kaye via Amazon as a recommendation for Kindle Unlimited. This is my first Alexa Kaye/Avery Kaye book but it feels rather…familiar.

So far? It’s 75% Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride and 25% Claimed By The Mountain Man. Though the dirty parts aren’t quite as dirty as AR gives it to you.

It is plagiarism? YES! I doubt it. But heavily “inspired by?” That, I can see.

NOTE: In reading other reviews and then doing a little digging, it seems that this book is PLAGIARISM by the author. The two books I mention above were taken and cobbled together + Amish stuff to get Mine to Take. The book has since been removed from Amazon. Per the author, Avery Kaye:

Regarding Mine To Take. That book was unpublished by Amazon due to another author wrongfully claiming copyright infringement. I’m no millionaire (far from it). I couldn’t afford to take that author on in court (she is very popular and has LOTS of money for lawyers), so I had to quietly let that one go. It will not be available on Amazon ever. However, I have a new book coming out in the next day or two. And it has a lot of the same elements. That book is titled ‘Because You’re Mine.’

Due to this situation, I’ve reduced my rating to zero stars (0).
Note: One of the ladies in the AR duo IS an attorney…I’m just sayin’…

I did have some issues with it (besides plotting, of course):
~ “growing up Amish” was used as a phrase enough times that it irritated me. I don’t need to be hit over the head with a hammer – mentioning it once would have done it. But it’s either “growing up Amish” or “Amish” or “Amish girl” over and over again.
~ She keeps calling the hero “English” and its annoying. I’m trying to figure out if it is English as from England or if the author is implying that Amish people call other Americans “English.” I don’t read Amish Romances so I am unsure. If this is something used in Amish Romances a lot, its a failure on the author’s part to not explain it better. You can’t assume any foreknowledge on the part of your reader outside of a series.
~ In the beginning, the heroine mentions lying on her application and saying she was a German student. But then the text says that the MCs have spoken via video call and phone calls… and considering (especially since we are not allowed to forget) this chick is AMISH, I doubt she has her German accent down pat… But that part is never brought up again.

I also disliked the fact that the first time the couple has sex is in a truck on the side of the road…but the hero managed not to have sex for three days prior. Losing virginity in a truck when the bed isn’t that far away is un-hot.

All in all, it’s a quick, dirty-ish, almost carbon copy of Alexa Riley’s work.

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