Review: Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi

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Review: Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi three-stars
Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi
Published by Harlequin MIRA on January 1, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 432
Format: eBook
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Meet Dorothy Jarrow: devotedly unsexy librarian

Buttoned-up book lover DJ is all sensible shoes, drab skirts and studious glasses. After an ill-advised spring-break-fueled fling left her mortified, she's committed to her prim and proper look. When she's hired by a rural library in middle-of-nowhere Kansas, she finally has the lifestyle to match-and she can't wait to get her admin on.

But it's clear from day one that the small-town library is more interested in circulating rumors than books. DJ has to organize her unloved library, win over oddball employees and avoid her flamboyant landlady's attempts to set her up with the town pharmacist. Especially that last part-because it turns out handsome Scott Sanderson is her old vacation fling! She is not sure whether to be relieved or offended when he doesn't seem to recognize her. But with every meeting, DJ finds herself secretly wondering what it would be like to take off her glasses, unpin her bun and reveal the inner vixen she's been hiding from everyone-including herself.

This just is not what I expected.

I decided to read Love Overdue once I discovered the heroine was a librarian. I’ve always loved books and libraries – only God knows why I am not a librarian now. I’ve even given some thought to going back to school to get a degree in Librarian Sciences…when I realized that it wouldn’t be the best of ideas at this moment in time. (understatement)

The blurb gives the impression that there’s screwball action happening in Love Overdue – especially around DJ’s library.

IDK. I was just surprised at just how…boring the romance was. The town and its inhabitants were much, much more interesting. I noted while reading that the romance did not get started until after 38%. Over 50% of the book goes by before the couple starts getting over their extreme dislike and avoidance of each other.

I loved a lot of other parts of Love Overdue: I loved the chapter headings, I loved Dewy (DJ’s dog), I loved everything to do with the library, I loved almost all of the library employees and I loved Scott’s mom. There was a lot going on in Love Overdue…just not a lot of romance. DJ was a lot more boring than I expected…and yet I did identify with her.

There are also some rather heavy subjects broached in Love Overdue that were not really dealt with: death, suicide and marital infidelity. I really hate it when authors bring up such heavy subjects and then let them fall away by the wayside.

And the ending. Ugh. The ending was not there!!! For the entire book I anticipated the moment when Scott discovered that DJ was the Spring Break fling that he’d been mooning over – and it never took place!!!! It goes straight to an epilogue that is 8 years away!! I felt soo cheated, like I was a baby and someone stole my lolli. 🙁

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