Review: Joey & Law (The Breeding Series #2.5) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Joey & Law (The Breeding Series #2.5) by Alexa Riley three-stars
Joey & Law by Alexa Riley
Series: The Breeding Series #2.5
Published by Alexa Riley on November 7, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Format: eBook
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Bonus story at the end of Mechanic.

This story must be read prior to Mechanic and does not stand alone.

Warning: This book is over-the-top, insta-love. There's nothing but steamy scenes, babies trying to be made, and an obsessed bearded alpha hero claiming a virgin who will be his forever. If you want it hot and dirty, this is it!

Joey – Josephine – is a mechanic at Paine’s (from Mechanic) shop. She’s a very good mechanic who is also a tom-boy and a virgin. Law is Penelope’s (also from Mechanic) older brother and the town’s Sheriff. Joey & Law seems to start about 6-8 weeks prior to the start of Mechanic but ends prior to Mechanic’s finale.

Law has been the local Sheriff for about 1 year as he was working an undercover case. Law has also had his eye on Joey for that entire length of time.

Law didn’t want to make his move while undercover but his desire for Joey was so strong he decided to go after her early. During the time prior to Law actually dating Joey, he spent quite some time stalking her Kristen Ashley style: lojack on her car, hidden camera on her front door… Law seriously overstepped his boundaries. Normally I would have a major issue with the stalking but…things like that don’t really seem to matter in an Alexa Riley book, lol.

Of course, as in almost all Alexa Riley (and Kristen Ashley) works, once Law manages to get his hands on Joey (who he calls Josephine), he doesn’t let go. The ending was adorable but predictable.

Joey & Law does NOT stand alone – so its’ great that the story is included as a bonus with Mechanic.

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