Review: Intermezzo by Delphine Dryden

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Review: Intermezzo by Delphine Dryden three-half-stars
Intermezzo by Delphine Dryden
Published by Delphine Dryden on November 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 45
Format: eBook
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A disappointed ballerina, a brooding composer, and a few days in Paris that may change their lives forever…

Is it the sparkle of lamplight on a rain-drenched Parisian street? The thrill of a clandestine clinch in a foreign hotel? Maybe it’s the universal urge to go back and relive that one crucial moment–to try again, knowing what you didn’t know back then.

Whatever it is, it’s ridiculously hot. Just like it was that first time, so many years ago. Only this time, Lily and Aidan aren’t sure they’re willing to walk away from each other when the night is over.

It’s good to read some enjoyable Delphine Dryden again! I’ve read a decent handful of Delphine Dryden over the years but was stymied by the first book in the Steam and Seduction series. For some reason being unable to get through that book gave me a bit of a mental block…but no longer!

While I still have a bunch of Delphine Dryden to catch up on, I ran into Intermezzo while surfing through the Kindle Unlimited offerings and borrowed it right away. Intermezzo is a sweet tale of reunited lovers and I adored it. Intermezzo ends happily for now (HFN) but it fit perfectly with the story.

Lily and Aidan met and had a one night stand years ago – before embarking on their respective careers. When they meet up again after life has taken its toll, they discover the spark they once had never truly died. I love the way the Lily and Aidan interacted with each other. As this is a very short story, there’s nothing else really I can say without spoiling.

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