Review: His Little Runaway by Emily Tilton

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Review: His Little Runaway by Emily Tilton one-half-stars
His Little Runaway by Emily Tilton
Published by Stormy Night Publications on May 6, 2016
Genres: AgePlay, Romance, Spanking/DD
Pages: 134
Format: eBook
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After crashing into a police officer’s car while driving drunk, eighteen-year-old Ashley Lewis finds herself sentenced to a correctional facility for wayward young women. Despite her intent to keep a stiff upper lip, however, she is shocked by the way inmates are treated at the facility, and to make matters worse, the warden lets it be known that he intends to single her out for special, intimate attention. In desperation, Ashley makes a run for it as soon as the opportunity arises.

When retired Navy SEAL Wes Garner comes across a runaway girl on the road near his cabin, he takes her home with him, planning to find out her story and then alert the proper authorities. But after Ashley explains her situation, Wes knows he can’t send her back to the cruel warden, so he offers her a different option. She can stay with him, but living under his roof will mean not only living by his rules, but being treated as his little girl as well.

Though Ashley hesitantly accepts Wes’ offer, it isn’t long before her disrespectful attitude earns her a trip over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking, and when her naughty behavior continues she quickly discovers that bad little girls get their bottoms punished inside and out.

In spite of her shame at being chastised in such a humiliating manner, Wes’ dominance ignites a desire in Ashley which burns as hot as her well-spanked bottom, and soon she is calling him daddy and delighting in his mastery of her body. But when the time comes to stop living as a fugitive, can she trust her daddy to protect his little runaway?

Publisher’s Note: His Little Runaway is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

I’ve slowly started getting into Ageplay but it doesn’t always work for me.

This is one of those times.

I really didn’t care for His Little Runaway and it felt more like dub-con than Ageplay.

The heroine is 18 y/o and has run away from Juvvie. Why? Because the Warden is sexually abusing any female inmate he finds appealing who is 18+. And the heroine just turned 18 – and he’s already told her that she’s going to be forced to suck his dick.

So the heroine runs away and is found by the “hero.” He takes her [to his] home and proceeds to manipulate the pure shit out of her.

He FORCES her to either let him spank her and Ageplay with her (but ‘no sex’ ha ha) or he’s going to cut her loose. To be picked up by the authorities and taken back to be sexually abused.

Not my idea of a hero.

So – the day they met – he forces a spanking on her. THEN he makes her let him bathe her naked. Of course, sex happens.

But I’m supposed to see him differently than the Warden? No. I don’t. This one just squicked me out.

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