Review: Her Secret Submission by Carolyn Faulkner

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Review: Her Secret Submission by Carolyn Faulkner three-stars
Her Secret Submission by Carolyn Faulkner
Published by Blushing Books on September 21, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Spanking/DD
Pages: 109
Format: eBook
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Lia Keene was the perfect secretary. She knew how her boss liked his coffee, that he hated breakfast meetings and he was allergic to shellfish. He was also ruggedly handsome, wealthy, powerful, and completely off-limits, but that didn't stop him from starring in all her fantasies! She really did not want to go on the mandatory business trip with him, and possibly risk revealing her secret infatuation with him. But how could she refuse to go?

Bryce Tanner had never given his secretary a second glance, until now. She’d always just been there – in her boring work-appropriate business suits, with her hair wadded up in a severe bun – while she quietly and efficiently did whatever was needed without a word of complaint. Until now. He didn’t understand what the big issue was with this trip, but he needed her there. And he always got what he wanted.

It wasn’t until he went to pick her up the next morning to take her to the airport, that he caught a glimpse of the real woman hiding behind the efficient façade. There were a few signs around her apartment that she was interested in a submissive relationship. Would she consider one with him?


I seem to have this Carolyn Faulkner thing. I continuously purchase her books and – with very few exceptions – I almost always feel a little let down by the ending.

Damn you, Carolyn! Stop being so irresistible!!!! *shakes fists at uncaring sky*

Seriously, I think the issue I have with CF books is that they often contain very little actual sex. There is impact play galore but not a lot of actual sex at all. It’s the blurbs. It has to be the blurbs. Cause I keep giving her my money it’s obvious that I’m the insane one. But I want to like her stuff sooooooo bad!! I like impact play! I just want intercourse to be included.

Her Secret Submission is yet another CF book with tons of impact play but rather little “sexy” sex. Or orgasms. *sad face*

Lia, the heroine, dresses very conservatively. She has a huge crush on her boss, Bryce, but stays out of his because she’s a sexual submissive plus she knows banging the boss is a Bad Idea. Bryce mostly ignores Lia until he discovers she’s a submissive. Suddenly Bryce is all over Lia. He demands she give up the Dom she’s currently talking (only) to and submit to him immediately. I wasn’t a big fan of Bryce’s attitude. He basically has ignored Lia for years and suddenly she’s just supposed to give it up to him?? And in such an intimate way with very little discussion? No. That’s just a bit much. Normally in books that star MCs who have a pre-established relationship the two characters are very familiar with each other but not with Her Secret Submission. Lia knows Bryce very well but Bryce barely knows Lia at all. This being the case, I wanted more time for Bryce to get to know Lia on page. There are mentions of discussions but the couple doesn’t really talk enough for me.

Bryce is very harsh – physically – with Lia from the very beginning. He also anchors her to his side in such a way as to make it more than obvious to their co-workers that they [now] have an intimate relationship. I wasn’t a fan of this, either. Lia was shy and not a big fan of having people knowledgeable about her private life. Bryce didn’t seem to care or to bother even thinking about it.

One of the things I did appreciate was the fact that Bryce kept asking Lia if she wanted to [stay] his submissive. He kept asking this because he knew he was (is?) very physically harsh with his submissives and he wanted to make sure that Lia was where she wanted to be. In the end, I have to appreciate the fact that Lia was happy with her decisions/outcome even if I wasn’t.

Her Secret Submission ends with an HFN. Bryce has given Lia very few on-page orgasms…nor do I remember much on-page sex. Bryce tells Lia that she will get a lot less pleasure in the future of their relationship – and I think that THIS is my biggest issue with the Carolyn Faulkner books I’ve read: a lack of pleasure. A lot of the women in most of the CF books I’ve read have a decided lack of pleasure (or lack of on-page sex). I’m not sure why this is. Is this some part of BDSM that I’ve not heard of before? (totally possible); is this something that happens because CF isn’t very good at writing sex scenes? (also possible); Or is it just something that is particular to CF because she finds that aspect of sexual control interesting, etc? All of these are totally possible – but I can say that as a reader of BDSM themed books, I need my heroines to get some pleasure out of their sexual actives and not just pain.

All in all, a typical Carolyn Faulkner book. I did enjoy parts of it but I feel the lack of pleasure for the heroine dampened my enjoyment quite a bit. I heartily recommend Her Secret Submission and other Carolyn Faulkner books for fans of large amounts of impact play.

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