Review: Dripping by Maddy Roman

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Review: Dripping by Maddy Roman DNF
Dripping by Maddy Roman
Published by Self-Published on June 16, 2016
Genres: Erotic, New Adult (NA), Romance
Pages: 246
Format: eBook
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Mason Phillip’s known for one thing … making girls drip.

Okay, maybe more than one. My stepbrother’s also a gold medal contender in the pool, that muscular, athletic form cutting through water like a hot knife through butter.

And did I mention Speedos?

Oh yeah, skin tight with a massive package, I know because I’ve been checking him out on the sly.

But these thoughts are wrong, TOTALLY wrong because I’m his sister – his stepsister to be exact.

And when Mason gets me in his sights, all bets are off.

Holy cow.

Holy crap.

I can’t wait.

Note: This is a standalone book with a guaranteed HEA. This book contains a complimentary copy of Twin Stepbrother Celebrity (The Complete Series).

DNF @22%

Yeah. This one is soooo far from being my cup of tea. I found it to be disgusting, to be honest. Completely gross and disgusting.

Let’s start one why I got rid of this one:
-Our Heroine, Janie/Star: Janie is supposedly a top dancer at a prestigious dance school. Her schooling leaves little room for a part time job (I *think*) and her father doesn’t help her financially. So she is (very, very easily) talked into becoming a stripper at a bottom of the barrel strip joint. Supposedly, Janie is stripping there because the place is so low brow that she’ll be able to keep her reputation.

Yeah. I’m buying that.

Did I mention that this strip joint is completely nude? And that they have a “blue light special” dance…where the strippers find an audience member and then fuck them on the floor.


So. I canNOT get down with a heroine who is a stripper that has public sex with strangers raw.


This bitch is shimming her ass around a room full of dudes from only God knows where infected with only God knows what and she just picks one of them and fucks them RAW. REGULARLY. I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that.

WTF. HIV is REAL, people. AIDS is REAL. STDs are REAL. Zika is REAL.

Most of the time I can deal with a lack of condoms in a fantasy-like romance where the couple is working on a relationship and things happened. I don’t agree with it but it happens.

I canNOT deal with a sex worker who does not protect herself.

I had a problem with the man, too. But I didn’t spend enough time reading the book to be really introduced to the hero, just the heroine. But the hero should have known better – having unprotected sex with a sex worker is disgusting on both sides of the coin.

And if that wasn’t enough to DNF, Janie has a terrible case of ageism, too. “Gross. Old people in love made me retch.”

But the guy on the cover is hot.

She struggled and moaned, throwing her hair this way and that, as my fuckpole sought to make entrance. I was so big that her pussy lips could only take a half inch at first, really just kissing my dickhead as her juice ran.
-location 544 (Mason)

With a mighty roar, I shot my load, much to the delight of the crowd around us. My balls rose, tightened and spurted stream after stream of virile semen, coating her fertile fields with my man milk, the hot jizz flying every which way.
-location 558 (Mason)

I loved the feel of his cum dribbling down my thigh even now, sticky and warm, pure man seed.
-location 599 (Janie/Star)

Gross. Old people in love made me retch.
-location 675 (Janie/Star)

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