Review: Does a Bear Shift in the Woods (Bear Bites #4) by Ruby Dixon

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Review: Does a Bear Shift in the Woods (Bear Bites #4) by Ruby Dixon three-half-stars
Does a Bear Shift in the Woods by Ruby Dixon
Series: Bear Bites #4
Published by Ruby Dixon on December 31, 2015
Pages: 89
Format: eBook
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I’m a loner for a reason. I don’t have much in the way of social skills. I’d rather sit on my deck and watch the sunset than hit a tavern with coworkers. My idea of grooming is to trim my beard with a straight blade when it hits my collarbone. I can’t put two words together in the company of a pretty woman...and they don’t come much prettier than wolf-shifter Madison Thorne.

She’s everything I’m not—outgoing, easy on the eyes, and sweet. There’s no way I’m convincing her to come home with me. Fortunately I don’t have to. Maddie seems to like my gruff, unpolished self. At least, she likes me enough for one night.

The problem is getting her to stay forever.

While I still have one more story to read, thus far Does a Bear Shift in the Woods is my favorite in the series. Why? IDK, that’s why. LOL

I liked the fact that the heroine was submissive and I liked the hero. IDK. I mean, it’s all pretty standard fare at this point. It’s not like something spectacular happened…so these reviews get harder and harder to write, lol.

I also have to say…OH MY GOD. The guy on the cover is the reason that I started reading this series. YUM!

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