Review: Dance With Me, Baby (Yeah, Baby #4) by Fiona Davenport

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Review: Dance With Me, Baby (Yeah, Baby #4)  by Fiona Davenport three-stars
Dance With Me, Baby by Fiona Davenport
Series: Yeah, Baby #4
Published by Fiona Davenport on August 8th 2016
Genres: Baby Romance, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 112
Format: eBook
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Yeah, Baby #4

Guy Rule: No falling for a one-night stand.

Declan McGowen knew the beautiful ballerina with violet eyes was his the moment he first saw her. He doesn’t want to let her go after their one passionate night together, but he doesn’t have a choice. Not when her first international tour means the world to her..

Juliette Moureaux spent four long months dreaming about her night with Declan. She never thought she’d see him again, but she underestimated his need for her. Declan hunts her down her first night back—right after finding out she’s pregnant with his baby.

Warning: This story contains a sexy alpha, insta-love, and an "oops" baby! It's quick, hot, and dirty.

Yet Another *I’m sick at home* Read

Hmmm. When I first grabbed a copy of Dance With Me, Baby, I had no idea it was the final book in a series. O_O LOL.

I liked Dance With Me, Baby – so quick of a read – because it was short and cute and I loved that. I sorta felt like I was reading an AR (Alexa Riley) book but the sex wasn’t as sexy as most AR books. But the dialogue was stronger with a lot more plot happening than just the “Meet, fuck, fluids, love, baby” that AR has going on. Not by a whole lot, but it was still more. This was more like “Meet, insta-love, fuck, baby, talk, romance” But still, cute and I was entertained.

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