Review: Curvy by Alexa Riley

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Review: Curvy by Alexa Riley two-half-stars
Curvy by Alexa Riley
Published by Alexa Riley on March 1, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 109
Format: eBook
The first time Flynn Long sees her, she's lying on a bed in lingerie. The picture is soft, just like her curves, and instantly he's obsessed.

Cali Carr is at the end of her full-figure modeling career when she's hired for a new campaign. But when the owner of the company steps out of the shadows and starts calling the shots, a job is the last thing it feels like.

Love at first sight isn't supposed to be real. One touch isn't supposed to ignite so much. A single picture isn't supposed to drive a man insane. But luckily for us it's happening in Curvy!

Warning: Over the top isn't strong enough for what this short story is. It's velvety sweetness coated in insta-love cheese, and it's waiting for you to take a bite.

SO. This one gets 2.5 stars for the cover and the heroine’s physical description alone. The cover is HOT HOT HOT and I love the fact that the Misses Riley have made the majority of their heroines with the curves of typical women and that they are worshiped.


I think I may have hit my Alexa Riley critical threshold…or she’s getting lazy. Either or.

The instalove has gone far beyond instalove and is starting to hang out around “fated mates” land. There is like…no character development whatsoever. She uses the “obsessed” male as shorthand for any type of dating and/or a “getting to know you” phase. It’s totally just “love at first site” and directly into the caveman grunting, groaning and chest beating while repeating “mine!”

Yes. I know there’s a disclaimer. Having a disclaimer does not mean the reader will not be disappointed by a lack of character development, plot and/or relationship development. And considering that I’ve read more than my fair share of Alexa Riley, I know she can do better…but seems to be in favor of a larger output instead.

It’s getting old and not even the sex is helping because that is getting routine as well. It’s all about virgins and cum and babies. Screw the relationship and getting straight to the newly cum-splashed virgins. Sadly, I think I need to take an AR break.

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