Review: Contingency Plan (Risqué Contracts #2) by Fiona Davenport

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Review: Contingency Plan (Risqué Contracts #2) by Fiona Davenport three-half-stars
Contingency Plan by Fiona Davenport
Series: Risqué Contracts #2
Published by Fiona Davenport on February 1, 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 102
Format: eBook
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A career ending shoulder injury left football star Brysen Mariano at loose ends. Nothing seems to spark his interest lately, not even a lucrative business opportunity and his upcoming move back to his hometown. Then he meets his smoking hot real estate agent and she has more than his spirits lifting.
Elisa Young made the colossal mistake of getting involved with a work colleague—a blunder she’s more than paying for since she’s stuck seeing her ex and his younger and brainless girlfriend on a regular basis. It’s enough to make her swear off men, leaving her without a date to bring to the mountain retreat she needs to attend for work. Her only option is to talk her baby sister into skipping the classes to hit the slopes and act as a buffer over the long weekend. Or she can take Brysen up on his offer to be her contingency plan and bring him along instead—a choice she’s certain will land her on her back… and not because she’s fallen off her skis.

Contingency Plan is my favorite book in the Risqué Contracts series. Hands down.

Contingency Plan is very much a fantasy romance – and I mean fantasy on a Disney Princess scale. But I still liked it! Especially in comparison to book #3.

There’s almost every drop of wish fulfillment going on here and I am here for, lol.

There’s the
– hot guy falls in insta-love
– rich guy falls in insta-love
– famous sports player falls in insta-love with regular non-famous girl
– Getting back at girl’s cheating, no-good ex by being with hot, rich, famous sports player
– girl’s ex is extremly jealous even though he’s moved on
– the girl’s cheating, no-good ex’s current bimbo-girl is jealous (she’s the cheatee)
– public marriage proposal with HUGE rock in front of jealous ex and ex’s bimbo
– instant wedding wearing dead mom’s dress

And that’s totally not counting the fairy tale multi-million dollar home, the private jet ride or the helicopter ride.

So much fun, lol.

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