Review: Blackmailing the Virgin (Alexa Riley Promises #2) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Blackmailing the Virgin (Alexa Riley Promises #2) by Alexa Riley two-stars
Blackmailing the Virgin by Alexa Riley
Series: Alexa Riley Promises #2
Published by Alexa Riley on May 11, 2016
Genres: Erotic, Romance
Pages: 95
Format: eBook
Welcome to Alexa Riley Promises. This series is dedicated to old romances. It’s tropes galore, with all of our usual over-the-top alphas and sweet cheesy goodness.

These short books will focus on traditional and classic tropes while sticking to the Alexa Riley code: no cheating and always with an HEA. That’s our Promise to you.

Blackmailing the Virgin

When Calder Cox sees Felicity for the first time, he has to have her. There’s nothing that will hold him back…until he finds out she’s his business partner’s daughter.

Felicity Chandler is graduating college soon but has no idea what she wants to do. While playing her violin one night, she sees Calder and feels instantly drawn to him. But when he tries to keep his distance, she doesn’t know what to do with all of her feelings.

Calder can’t be held off much longer, and when his control snaps, there are consequences. Felicity might be trying to run, but he’ll make sure she stays…even if he has to blackmail her to do it.

Warning: This is an Alexa Riley Promise, so it’s over the top, contains no cheating, and will always come with an HEA. It’s ridiculous baby-making drama that’s packed full of heat.

Welcome back to Clean Up Week at Books, Life & Wine! This is a week in which I am cleaning up and clearing OUT some of my lingering open reads. I have a LOT of books that I’m “currently reading” right now – some of which have been open for over a year. O_O

Today I am dismissing Blackmailing the Virgin because Holy show, not tell, Batman!

Blackmailing the Virgin is pretty typical AR: short, cute, helpless (or sassy!) heroine who falls insta-love with large, obsessed, rich Alpha Male.

I’ve read tooooo much of that lately. And here’s the rub: I like the trope (except for the helpless part) and normally it is right up my alley. But AR has churned out so many of these that there is no real story here anymore. Mostly, you get trope shorthand in place of a structured narrative. What makes it worse – for me – is that AR has completely made almost all plotting done as flashbacks. In reality, AR has turned her heroes/heroines into actors. They are performing a script for us [readers] and thus, they have asides. An aside is “a part of an actor’s lines supposedly not heard by others on the stage and intended only for the audience.” AR’s characters have monologues and asides – which are terrible. Not the writing – the way its written. The characters just dump googads of information like they have mental diarrhea. 🙁 They are constantly thinking of things that people…just don’t normally think about. Like their entire lives and why they are living that life in that way.

O_o (Me, Side-eyeing the book)

I can’t blame AR too much: I am still reading the damn things, lol. The most recent AR book I have, Untouched, has this as a warning in the blurb:

Warning: Are we still doing these? This is Alexa Riley. You should know the drill by now. This is going to be over-the-top dirty with all the sticky bits you like. Get in here already!

Seriously. It is what it is…but it damn sure could be better. I have no problem with the insta-love in these books – I have a problem with the lack of meat in the story. I don’t see why AR can’t still give me the insta-love without the monologues and the asides. Show, not tell. Show me the hero/heroine meeting and falling in love, don’t just tell me about it. I mean, let the damn people have at least one full conversation first.

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