Review: Beauty and the Biker (Ghost Riders MC #2) by Alexa Riley

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Review: Beauty and the Biker (Ghost Riders MC #2) by Alexa Riley one-half-stars
Beauty and the Biker by Alexa Riley
Series: Ghost Riders MC #2
Published by Alexa Riley on August 8, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 112
Format: eBook
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I had four weeks before I shipped out again so it was sun, fun, and partying hard.

She wasn't a part of the plan.

We had one perfect month together before I had to go wheels up. Neither of us expected what happened next.

The blast left me scarred, inside and out. How could I ever be good enough for a beauty like her? She deserved better.

Now I've got the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club, and I don't need anything else. If I can't have her, I'll never have another. A man can live without his heart...right?

Abraham has one regret—letting his Julie get away. When he can't let go, there's only one thing left to do. Make her his.

Warning: If you want a scarred hero who's over-the-top obsessed, alpha possessive, and falls in love at first sight, take a peek inside.

*Not responsible if peek turns into a full-on read.*

I’ve read a shitton of Alexa Riley at this point. I thought I was…numbed to AR due to the extreme amounts of her I read.


I was NOT read for this one. Beauty and the Biker is quite disgusting on several different levels. Several.

And I thought Pulling Her Trigger was problematic (and squicky).

So. Beauty and the Biker stars when the H/h meet at a grocery store, about 1 month before the hero deploys to Afghanistan. This means that the couple had about 30 or so days together before the shit hits the fan. And that’s where it all fell apart for me.

The hero is wounded while on tour and this began an atrocious cycle that made my eyes bleed. The hero, Abe, is wounded and disfigured so he sends the heroine – Julie – away, breaking her heart. He finally gets himself together physically and somewhat emotionally (over a long period of time) and then shows up again.

When Abe showed up, Julie jumped right back into his arms. He barely said “I’m sorry” before everything was “good.” They run off, get married and then he leave she AGAIN that next morning because he had a flash back. They don’t see each other again for TWO FUCKING YEARS. He shows up, grabs her and they are fucking before the “I’m sorry” stopped echoing.


Julie never made him wait, never looked for another, barely made him say “sorry.” Ugh.

Abe is so fucking selfish that his selfish thought he was selfish. I hated Abe. And I disliked Julie.

Then the ending. O_O WHAT.THE.FUCK. Just gross and squicky and gross.

I am not enjoying these Alexa Riley motorcycle books. At all.

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