Review: A Timeless Woman by Stevie McFarlane

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Review: A Timeless Woman by Stevie McFarlane three-half-stars
A Timeless Woman by Stevie McFarlane
Published by Blushing Books on December 22, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotic, Romance, Spanking/DD
Pages: 146
Format: eBook
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Despite her age, Marjorie Whitcomb is resigned to spinsterhood. One disastrous marriage has convinced her that the kind of man she wants does not exist. He is simply a figment of her imagination... and her fantasies.

Colton Mitchell has had Margie in his peripheral vision for two years. He always considered her 'quirky', with her vintage clothes and quiet manner. He never saw the real woman until he had to drive her home one night. From her vintage turquoise kitchen to her garter belt and stockings, he then realizes that she is a young woman with very old-fashioned ideas about love and marriage. And that's the very moment in which he decides that she isn't quirky, she is perfect!

But how close is Colton to Marjorie's idea of the perfect man?

Warning: This book contains elements of domestic discipline, medical play and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase

A Timeless Woman is a very interestingly sweet domestic discipline story. I cannot say that it’s sexy – to me, it’s not. While there is graphic sexual play and sex, I would not call this an erotic Romance. It’s…a sweet DD book, however, and I mostly enjoyed my read.

A Timeless Woman starts with the heroine, Margie, having car problems. This prompts her boss, Colton, into offering her assistance (a ride home). The ride home suddenly morphed into the the two of them dating and discussing DD. Very quickly – so quickly it made my head spin – Colton is telling Margie that he is courting her.

To be honest, the only real issue I had with A Timeless Woman is based around the author’s…not quite deft handling of time. It was difficult for me to really tell how much time Margie and Colton spent together. It was all a wirlwind: before the first date, he’s taking her anal temperature and then the next thing I know they are living together? IDK.

I greatly enjoyed the dynamics between Colton and Margie, however, especially the fact that Margie is so different and that Colton loves that about her. Margie was “born in the wrong time period” and really loves the style of dress, items, look and manner [culture] of the 1950’s. I can only imagine a punished Margie holding up her crinoline skirts and garters framing her well spanked bottom. Great imagery. 🙂

There is some medical play in A Timeless Woman. I…am not really into doctors. Whenever I go to a doctor, all I feel is inconvenienced, irritated, annoyed and/or I’m sick. And I hate stirrups with a passion so the medical parts didn’t bother me but I’m totally not into it.

Mostly, I enjoyed this sweet DD.

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