Review: A Stepbrother for Christmas by Celia Aaron

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Review: A Stepbrother for Christmas by Celia Aaron three-half-stars
A Stepbrother for Christmas by Celia Aaron
Published by Celia Aaron on October 21, 2015
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 88
Format: eBook
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Annalise dreads seeing her stepbrother at her family's Christmas get-together. Niles had always been so nasty, tormenting her in high school after their parents had gotten married. British and snobby, Niles did everything he could to hurt Annalise when they were younger. Now, Annalise hasn't seen Niles in three years; he's been away at school in England and Annalise has started her pre-med program in Dallas. When they reconnect, dark memories threaten, sparks fly, and they give true meaning to the "hard and dirty holidays."

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Full disclosure: This is a smoking hot erotic tale with explicit sex and dubious consent. If this is your candy, enjoy.

A Stepbrother for Christmas is exactly what I thought it was. A really short erotic romance. What is great is that it was more than I thought it was, too. There’s actually some story line and plot development in this one. !!! Color me surprised: most super short erotic romances have little to no plot development.

Niles and Annalise are step siblings that never got along – especially since Niles spent their HS years together emotionally torturing Anna. Three years later Anna comes home for a holiday visit that will include seeing Niles for the first time since high school.

Niles finds himself attracted to Anna from the moment he sees her again. Knowing that he behaved like a total dick for years – and that Anna hasn’t forgiven him – encourages him to apologize. Anna accepts his apology but clearly doesn’t believe him or trust him. Strangely, he feels that the best way to “make it all up to her” is to have rough dub-con sex with her. Unprotected rough dub-con sex. *nods* The language of all apologies.

Niles and Anna have a few conversations and spend a few days together but mostly they have sex. It’s hot sex, though.

I enjoyed A Stepbrother for Christmas a lot – I thought that Niles was sweet and I liked Anna – there’s just not a lot to this one. Good material with a little sweetness for the spank bank.

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