Review: A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal by Teresa Carpenter

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Review: A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal by Teresa Carpenter three-stars
A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal by Teresa Carpenter
Published by Harlequin Romance on February 3, 2015
Genres: Category - Harlequin, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 252
Format: Paperback
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Her big secret in the Big Apple!

Event coordinator Lauren Randall always has a plan. And getting pregnant after a fling with infamous Ray Donovan is not part of it! Creative and controlling, Ray might be an award-winning movie director, but he's definitely not up for Dad of the Year.

Posing as Ray's date gives Lauren a chance to reveal her secret. There's just one glitch: his ailing grandmother announces their engagement. With everyone assuming she's his fiancée, it's hard to keep a distance—and even harder to pretend she's not falling for her baby's father...

Sometimes when I sit down to write a review…I don’t know what to say. Usually its for one of two reasons: either the book was so entertaining I don’t know where to to start…or the book was so underwhelming that I barely remember reading it.

A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal landed on the “underwhelming” side of the fence. I’ve been reading a lot of UF lately and I wanted a bit of a palate cleanser. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my reads but more that I wanted a nice uncomplicated Romance to break up all the Urban Fantasy. So when I went to the library recently I picked up A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal and one other Harlequin.

Well, it was something that I read. It’s a pretty uncomplicated Romance as well – and it broke up all the UF I’ve read lately so I guess it hit all the stated requirements. It was just so boring and silly!

A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal was so boring that I JUST finished reading it and I’ve already forgotten the character names. If I don’t concentrate hard enough I also forget the plot. A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal is a “secret baby” Romance – or should I say “secret pregnancy” instead?

A Pregnancy, a Party & a Proposal starts with the MCs catching up with each other after ending a fling. Lauren, the heroine, has just learned that she’s pregnant and she isn’t too excited about telling the father, Ray. Ray really enjoyed his fling with Lauren so he’d like to rekindle their romance and he can’t understand why she keeps him a arms length.

Throughout the majority of the book Ray tries to get with Lauren while she pushes him away – and doesn’t tell him about being pregnant – even when they are linked in public as dating. Then at the end, he finds out she’s preggers – about 4 – 7 days after she learns she’s preggers – and THAT is the Big Mis. Because issues. Ugh.

Then they figure it out, get together and have a ridiculous ending…its happily ever after. The End.

And yes, the book is as boring as this review.

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