Pleasuring A Scandalous Marquess by Natalie St.Clair *spoilers*

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This book is also being sold as “Pleasuring Lord Scoundrel.”

The most notorious and most eligible bachelor in town is single! But not for long.

Rhea Davenport, a disgraced, impoverished lady currently working as a governess has captured the eye of Nathaniel Worthington. He plans to make her his mistress in order to satisfy the fiery lust that is ignited every time he is near her. He knows she will be able to assuage his hunger but will she be able to keep up with his libertine lifestyle? Most importantly how will he react when he finds out the truth about his sexy mistress.

I wasn’t a big fan. Not at all. It felt…contrived.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on what bothered me about this book.

The writing is fine and it seemed to be well formatted.

I love the cover but hate cover at the same time. The cover screams “Contemporary” but this is an Erotic Historical. I’ve read a few Erotic Historicals in my life…and most of the time they feel a little awkward. This is one of those times.




The book is about a young woman whose father committed suicide due to bankruptcy. Her mother is dead and her older brother leaves ASAP for America to make his fortune. The sister is turned out by her Aunt to fend for herself as a governess.

Years later she manages to become the mistress of a Marquess. She never tells him who she is/was.

Of course, she’s a virgin. *snort*

Suddenly her brother shows up out of nowhere and makes a big deal. Suddenly her reputation (which she never had) is ruined and suddenly the Marquess is required to marry her and he hates her for it. And let me be honest…IIRC this kind of scandal would completely make it impossible for either party (male or female) to show their faces in society again.

Of course, the brother disappears directly after this little escapade. I felt the author could have handled getting the two married in a better way. It was complete bullshit and it came across as contrived. If the brother was so concerned about his sister…he wouldn’t have taken off years ago to leave her alone. So for him to show up – due to hearing about her new life – and cause a ruckus and then disappear again. Yeah. I call shenanigans. It was roughly handled by the author in this matter.

No real conversations are held about the situation. Just screaming and attitude. He dumps her in the country and ignores her. Three months later she finds out she’s pregnant. She comes out to London to tell her husband. He yells at her a bit more. Then he has sex with her that night. And then he comes to the conclusion that he’s “hopelessly enslaved” to his wife. (y’all should see my face right now). So he apologies to her. Everything is now cool.

No conversations were held. The brother never showed back up again. But she needs to tell him she’s preggers. Oh wait! She will be over four months pregnant before she tells him. HOW THE HELL can he not see that????? Come on! I know that some women don’t show a lot…but not to have a baby bump by 4 months? Seriously? Especially a baby bump that a sex obsessed husband wouldn’t recognize? And if not a baby bump…no changes to the body at all? No breast changes? Nothing? I think all women in the world wold like this ability.

The End.

(No, seriously. That was the end.)



*The word “cunt” is used about 33 times in this 71 page novella.

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