Review: Parlor Games Anthology – Palor Games by Leda Swann

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Review: Parlor Games Anthology – Palor Games by Leda Swann one-star
Palor Games by Leda Swann
Genres: Erotic, Historical, Romance
Format: eBook
Do you dare open the door and enter a place like no other?

In these three historical tales of sensual awakening, nothing that stimulates and titillates is taboo, ecstasy comes in many sizes, and pleasure is its own reward . . . a world of seduction and sensation, where inhibitions are unlaced and desires long corseted are gloriously freed. . . .

Parlor Games - Leda Swann

An innocent virgin enters a brothel to escape starvation and receives expert tutelage in the steamy Victorian parlor games that rakish gentlemen indulge in...

Accck! This one, I really disliked.

Parlor Games was the third book I read using my Scribd trial. Scribd introduced me to Jess Michaels via the book Everything Forbidden – and suggested this title since I read Everything Forbidden. As of today this book is on sale at Kobo for $9.99. Since this story is part of an anthology I that already priced – I’m still counting this as book 3.

***Trigger Warning*** This story has an attempted rape including the restraint of the heroine by another character.

The basic gist of the story Parlor Games is that the heroine, Sarah, has lost her job as a milliner. She was fired due to lack of work, she is hungry and homeless but beautiful. Through chance she is hired in a “brothel” as a parlor girl: the gentlemen pay to “play games” with the ladies (which include lots of teasing and removal of clothes) in the parlor and then pay an extra fee if the lady will consent to sex. Sarah is the daughter of a curate so she is a virgin and terrified of the whole thing. Very much a damsel in distress who is dismayed at how far she has fallen.

A relativity powerful journalist (and the hero), Tom, sees Sarah get hired and knows her circumstances. He desires her and makes a deal with the madam to purchase her [game] time for a month, saving her from the attentions of other gentlemen and hoping to have sex with her. Tom does not give any real thought to helping her find a better/safer job although he has the connections to do so – he desires her so he leaves her there. Tom treats Sarah well and they talk/verbally spar for the most of the remainder of the story but do not have sex.

The story is mostly what you would think – though I was very upset about the entire rape scene. It was unnecessary and it felt very out of place with the storyline and the remaining stories in the Parlor Games Anthology.

The ending comes with quick realizations and declarations of “I love you” and I skimmed 90% of the story.

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