Pack Rogue (Were Chronicles #4) by Crissy Smith

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pack rouge

Book four in the Were Chronicles Series The Rogue meets the Alpha…and their worlds explode.Rogue Kiley Palmer doesn’t have a pack. Although deep down, she does want to be part of one, she tries to convince herself she doesn’t need pack life. But that all changes when she meets her new mate…an Alpha.Austin Winters is visiting a friend when he runs into the one person he never thought he would find-his mate. Convincing Kiley she wants him? Not nearly as difficult as getting her to accept her position in his pack…Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

This book is a short story, not even a novella. And it doesn’t have a true ending, just an almost HEA. Those factors make it difficult to rate.

Kiley is a rogue werewolf – she does not truly have a pack – and Austin is a Alpha wolf. Kiley doesn’t have a pack because her father was an Alpha and he forcibly gave her to another Alpha as a mate. It seems that the Alpha she was given to mistreated her, raped her, and I think kept her locked in a room. Then the Alpha was killed when a new (nicer) Alpha takes over and he frees Kiley. I say “it seems” and “I think” because the story relies heavily on the fact that the reader has read the previous books (novellas) in this series serial. I hate it when authors do that.

Kiley meets her mate (Austin), is terrified (due to her past trauma) and then gets over it. She gets over it really, really quickly and it seems without any real help. At no point do Austin and Kiley talk about what happened to her other than a quick sketch of the basics. The story does not touch on her issues and how quickly she got over them at all. Austin is a nice Alpha with kind ways and he never is told why his mate has so many issues…poor guy.

Then, to add insult to injury, the book ends without an ending and with a major cliff-hanger. Kiley and Austin tell each other “I love you” and then the book ends – with them about to leave on a majorly dangerous trip, the threat of a shifter war hanging over their heads, and someone kidnapped. Yeah. Perfect place to end a book.

The ending made me so PO’d that I don’t think I’m buying any more books from this author. I can’t guarantee that I’ll get a full story and that just stinks. The writing was good and the action was interesting and normally I would have finished off the series (I’ve read the first book in the series)…but I noticed from the reviews by fans of this author that she mostly writes novellas and I can only imagine that she ends on cliff hangers quite often. Maybe the author should check out this article from Dear Author about how much readers hate cliff hangers.

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