New Year, New Blog!

January 9, 2015 becoming an awesome me, Life, Misc, Randomnessosity, Reading 0

I’ve had a bit of radio silence – ever since the BS situation with that stalker: Kathleen Hale.

I lost the desire to review. I was more than just pissed by Kathleen Hale’s invasive actions – I felt powerless in relation to my reading. WTF is that about?? How can I spend googobs of money, time and energy on a fucking HOBBY that then allows for someone to stalk me(or anyone) over their fucking butthurt??!

I don’t know – I guess it’s the entitlement generation mixing with us people who had to grow the fuck up to function as adults?

After spending quite a bit of time just taking care of me, I decided to start reviewing again.

I decided to take my power back – the decision not to review wasn’t originally mine, it was a knee-jerk reaction when faced with assholery in the first degree.

I own my domain – no need for me to worry about censors – and had my site designed by Silvia at Darkest Sins. 😀

I’m feeling better and ready to review!

I hope you all enjoy my new site, I know I will!


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