March 2014 Library Haul

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I stopped by the main branch of a local library recently. I really love going to this particular library because they have a permanent “bookstore” in a little niche in the hall.

Because I’m trying to be good, I only bought 6 books (hardback). The good part is that I only spent $6.00!! Yep, $1 per book.

march 2014 library haul

This haul is especially important to me because I found a copy of Illusion by Paula Volsky. I first read Illusion as an adventurous library user years and years ago. I read it but it really haunted me – I can’t say I enjoyed the read but I did enjoy the book. If that makes any sense. It was a haunting book and situation to me – Illusion is an Alternate Historical Fantasy, based off of the French Revolution. It follows a young noble girl as she deals with survival in the midst of the destruction of her entire world.

illusionFor two hundred years the Exalted classes have used their dazzling magical abilities to rule Vonahr. Now, their powers grown slack from disuse and their attention turned to decadent pleasures, they ignore the misery of the lower classes until the red tide of revolution sweeps across the land. Thrust into the center of the conflict is the beautiful Eliste vo Derrivalle, spirited daughter of a provincial landowner, who must now scramble for bread in the teeming streets of the capital. With the key to her magical abilities an elusive secret, she must suddenly find a way to survive in a world gone mad … with liberty.

Illusion is a work of fantasy on the grandest scale – a seamless web of passion, danger, heroism, and romance that will hold you spellbound from the first page to the last.

I picked up the copy of The Handmaid’s Tale simply because I thought I should own it and it was only $1. I’ve seen the movie multiple times and I’ve read larges bits and pieces of the book – enough to know I don’t want to read the whole thing. But I do think it’s an important work that the movie did not quite do justice. So I bought it. I’ll probably never read it.

The two books by John Ringo and Julie Cochrane – books 1 & 3 in the trilogy Posleen War: Cally’s War, coincidentally – have some horrendous reviews! I don’t know if I’m willing to buy another book to finish this trilogy…maybe a gift for mom…

“As with all John Ringo books, I feel like I’ve just left a really smutty bar. I know I had a good time, but I feel like I need to go shower.”
-3 Stars

To all the lovers of Posleen books
The previose books were fantastic. Reading this book was hours of waiting for that fantasim. This should not be called “Cally’s War” (the bad ass story of cally [raised in war to be a ultimate assasin:]) but “Cally’s trip to the mall” or perhaps ” Cally’s Cross Country Adventure”. This book tricks us in to thinking it is Ringo by its first chapter (which is dark and badass) and then it sinks down and down and down from there.”
-0 Stars

“I tried to read this, but gave up after a few chapters. The heroine spent a lot of time talking about the kinds of clothes her different personas liked, how they did their nails, what kind of music they liked, we followed her to beauty salons and shopping, and a delightful romp on a dangerous beach with her girlfriends and their kids and dog. I did like the dog, but not much else.”
-0 Stars

“This book is by my count the 6th of the Posleen War series. We have been introduced to Calley in the early books in her role as a child. Calley is no longer a child!

This book would be a good read as a stand alone but it would be confusing. It is a better read if you go in the order they were released. The politics of the post-Posleen invasion are confusing at best and incomprehensible at worse.

With that said, there is more action, violence, torture and mayhem than you can shake whatever your weapon may be at. It was a fun read, yikes! Fun used after those previous words may indicate a need for therapy. Oh well, I still enjoyed the book.”
-4 Stars

“40 years after the Posleen invasion, Cally O’neal, interstellar spy and assassin has a convoluted spy type adventure.
This is quite different from the military stories of the 4 main posleen books. It is more of a female James Bond in space thing.
Warning, lots of sex.”
-3 Stars

“The writing’s good when Cochrane isn’t force-feeding bits of 20th Century culture into it. As a superbabe, Cally’s pretty awesome; completely impervious to everything, it seems, except people spilling cups of coffee. (There’s lots of coffee-spilling in this book…almost as much as their is incidental sex.) But she’s not indestructible, and she’s definitely got some emotional demons that keep her interesting. As a supreme covert operative, she is constantly playing at being someone else, which makes her headspace interesting. Plus, she literally has a magic medical device that can reshape her body to give her huge boobs. =p”
-3 Stars

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Dirk Gently #1) – written by Douglas Adams, how could I pass this up?? I loved The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy so my fingers are crossed that I’ll love this, too!

Solstice Wood (Winter Rose #2) – Well, nothing on the cover indicated that it was a series book. And while I love Patricia A. McKillip’s Riddle-Master Trilogy…this book (and series) sounds a little…out of my comfort AND interest zone.

Still, not bad for $6!

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  1. authortrentevans

    The Handmaid’s Tale is definitely worth reading, mainly because the movie missed (or purposely cut) many of the nuances of the book. There is a lot going on in this story — much more than what’ shown on the page. It’s actually an amazing piece of multi-layered, thought-provoking storytelling.

    That said, the story is almost unremittingly grim. I found it slightly more uplifting than something like, oh say, Sophie’s Choice. But not by much:/

    • MrsJoseph

      Yeah, it’s the grim parts that scare me. I remember a lot of what happened to Offred’s friend so…*shudder* I really should read the whole thing… and while I haven’t even glimpsed at the text in over 20 years what I did read lingered quite a lot.

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