Maintenance Night by Trent Evans

April 19, 2013 4 Stars, alpha male overload, contemporary, domestic discipline, ebook, erotica, Romance, short story/Vignette 0

maintenance night

“Maintenance Night.” The very words make a submissive woman shudder in dread – and anticipation.

Lacey has always been just such a woman, and now she’s also a spanked wife, subject to her dominant husband’s rules, his discipline, and most of all, his desires.

She loves Troy with every atom of her being, and can’t get enough of him. But if that’s the case, why does she persist in disobeying him? For a loving couple in a serious D/s marriage, disobedience has its punishments – and its rewards.

And it’s on Maintenance Night that her husband decides to take Lacey’s submission to a deeper, even more intimate level.

Warning – this BDSM short novella features the following themes: spanking, caning, Dominance/submission (M/F), sadomasochism, bondage, explicit sex (including anal), a Dom who loves his wife, and a sweet, but disobedient sub who might be in over her head.

This book…

…it’s hot but it made me think: Are there ways you can change your mate that are irreversible?

The heroine, Lacey, is a pain slut. After marrying, she cautiously (expecting rejection) tells her husband that she is interested in Domestic Discipline and wanted to be spanked until she cried.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), her husband jumps right in, feet first.

The story is told completely from Lacey’s viewpoint…and so the hero, Troy, undergoes a transformation that Lacey thinks about. Troy initially had difficulty spanking Lacey…but now he craves it. He enjoys and gets off on hurting and embarrassing Lacey as much as possible.

Now, don’t get it twisted…Lacey is a pain slut so she enjoys it quite a bit…but this particular Maintenance Night pushes her boundaries more than she would like. He spanks her, canes her, binds her, embarrasses her (in private), blindfolds her, ties her down and then has anal sex with her. All as punishment. I have to agree with another reviewer…while the anal sex was hot, I do have a problem with it happening for the first time as part of a punishment. I don’t like the implications (of sex as punishment) and especially for an anal virgin.

As all of [the punishment] is happening…Lacey is thinking to herself about how cruel and cold Troy has become. This put a…level of discomfort in the story to me. I’ve not read a lot of domestic discipline stories before, this is a new sub-genre for me. In the few I have read…discipline was mostly doled out in a rather loving and…intimate fashion. This story’s hero is a lot more remote…and thus a little scary. I kept thinking…all women considering a DD relationship with no prior experience should read this, lol. It might keep you from writing a check your ass can’t cash (almost literally).

Slightly off subject

This book reminded me of a story a [vanilla] male friend told me – he started dating a girl who was previously abused and [apparently to me] subby. Sadly, I don’t think she ever made it to the BDSM world to find a Dom (at least by that time) and instead got her rocks via abusive relationships. She made my friend uncomfortable with repeated requests to be slapped (in the face) and hit during sex. Beyond the vanilla expectations and with no real explanation (or maybe even knowledge of herself?) of what she was looking for. My friend told me that at first he was uncomfortable…then started to enjoy it…and as she pushed him to slap and hit her harder (and pushing for it outside of sex by trying to make him angry enough to hit her), uncomfortable again. He didn’t like where the relationship was going or what he felt like he could become. So he broke it off. I think about her now and again. I hope she managed to find what she needed without the abuse.

Back on subject

Even though Troy was a bit scary and I’m [very] far from a pain slut…Troy’s obvious desire in what he is doing to Lacey (and her crazy musings) does lend an air of sexy that I thought would have been difficult to create. Especially with the lack of Troy’s POV (making him seem cold and scary) and Lacey’s circular mental diarrhea. If you like BDSM/DD erotica, I highly recommend this book.

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