Life: Did I really just sprain an ass muscle???!?

November 22, 2013 becoming an awesome me, exercise, Life, Misc, Randomnessosity 0


I feel like a walking disaster area, lol.

I *think* I sprained my upper left glute. *facepalm* How does this crap happen to me???

I hurt my wrist (now wearing a support wrap during workouts).
My left side IT Band has a knot from Hell in it.
My left neck hurts.

And I sprained a frickkin’ ass muscle. Da fuck? I didn’t even know you could do that.

It’s my left side riiight near the tailbone. It hurts every time I clench the muscle and/or I do a squat-like motion.

You can imagine what my 135lb parallel squat felt like this morning. O_o Or the Barbell Hip Thrust. Acck!

My Physical Therapist (PT) wanted to smack me with something, lol. She was like, “You keep hurting yourself with these pelvic thrusts. Why can’t you do something less dangerous like bodyweight bridging or something?!”



No comment.

I’ll just be the chick over here in the corner with an ice pack on her ass.

Now, how am I to heal up this??

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