“Let it Snow” Anthology Review: Three Strikes (Den of Sin #13) by Holley Trent

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“Let it Snow” Anthology Review: Three Strikes (Den of Sin #13) by Holley Trent three-stars
Three Strikes Series: Den of Sin, Let It Snow
Published by Skewbydoo Press on November 28, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Pages: 133
Format: eBook
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A Den of Sin Season 3/Winterball Masquerade novella. (Three Strikes, in its entirety, is also available in the limited-time anthology Let it Snow: Six Spicy Winter Romances.)

***E-book file also contains the prequel short story Two Strikes***

To say that Giselle Burke and Max Fletcher’s relationship is “complicated” would be an understatement. He’s one of New Orleans’s most intriguing Doms, and she won’t give him the time of day. They’ve been friends since age fourteen, and although she’s loved him almost as long, she doesn’t want to be with him…at least, for no longer than a night.

As an employee of the Hotel Beaudelaire, Giselle has never been a guest during its Den of Sin events, but Max knows it’s the perfect venue for seduction. He’s convinced that if he can get his “Queen G” to let down her guard for a weekend, he can soften her heart. And if he has to tuck into his bag of tricks to remind her of just how compelling he can be…so be it.

(Contains scenes of explicit sensuality.)
Also available in Den of Sin's third season:
*Melt into Me by Renee Luke
*Winterball (m/m) by Holley Trent
*Reckless Attraction by Ambrielle Kirk
*Unbidden Desires by Mel Blue

Note: Let It Snow is no longer available for purchase.Let it Snow cvr

I purchased this copy of Let It Snow in December 2014. At 1 year 8 months, Let it Snow qualifies for my Mt. TBR Struggle is Real Challenge!

There are six stories in Let It Snow but this review is for Three Strikes by Holley Trent only.

So. I mostly enjoyed Three Strikes and I was ecstatic at being introduced to the Den of Sin series. but there is a lot I didn’t care for in Three Strikes.

The first issue I had was G’s attitude. I understand her attitude but I didn’t care for it. So often Black women buy into the BS idea that they are supposed to “be strong” that common sense and femininity is often sacrificed in the name of strength. I didn’t like the way Giselle sacrificed so much of herself in the name of “strength.”

Another major issue for me is the lack of discussion between G and Max: they clearly loved each other and danced around each other…but neither of them wanted to talk. Max disappeared for years before returning and G refuses to be his sub…even though she wants to with every part of her being. I hate, hate, hate heartache caused by a lack of discussion. WTF people. Let’s all be adults here and suck that shit up.

My final issue was the ending. The ending…did NOT work for me. It felt…unfinished. I’m seriously looking for a flipping epilogue or SOMETHING. WTF, Trent???! Don’t be a tease.

Even though there is a lot of negative in this review, I have to say that I really enjoyed this story! I had issues with the characters’ behaviors but I enjoyed the writing and the plotting. I will be reading more stories by Holley Trent and in the Den of Sin series.

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