I’ve been a Naughty Nurse (Vital Signs #1) by Jamaica Layne

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naughty nurse

Joanna Watson, a recently divorced top surgical nurse in picturesque Statesville, North Carolina, is frustrated with her stalled career and dead-in-the-water sex life when she suddenly finds herself trapped in an elevator with an unknown, abrasive Yankee surgeon, Dr, Harlan Wilkinson. The elevator gets stuck, the lights go out, and spontaneous, hot-n-heavy sex commences. Joanna is mortified at her own behavior–and yet she thirsts for more. Meanwhile, Joanna’s colleague Shirley Daniels–an overworked, underpaid nurse-anesthetist who’s neglected her personal life for years because she’s been busy caring for her dying parents–finds her own hidden sensual side awakened by Dr. Harlan Wilkinson, too. And these two romantic rivals are sure to get into some sticky situations before all is said and done.Vital Signs is a sexed-up, small-town version of Grey’s Anatomy–a busy, high-pressure hospital environment that is a perfect breeding ground for hot sex and hotter sexual tension.

Oh man, I don’t know where to begin. This book was so implausible as to make it a farce. The hero is a total jackass, the heroine is just stupid.

The hero/ine meet in an elevator, at which point he swears at her multiple times as well call her an idiot. Of course that type of action deserves the reward of instant sex. *face palm* This is only the first of many times the hero treats the heroine like doggie poo he wants to get off of his shoe. He’s verbally abusive to her for no reason; he humiliates and belittles her – so of course she’s in love. I really don’t think he was nice to her until the end.

At the same time this abusive relationship is going on, another nurse in the hospital decides to try to have sex with the hero since she was already screwing every Tom, Dick, and Harry she could get her hands on (including Frat boys at a Frat house…totally out of left field!!). Since the hero declines her advances (and bangs out the heroine instead), the nurse (along with the heroine’s random jackass ex-husband) decides to try to get both the hero and heroine fired(?!) and manages to make them have to go to court (for some random reason I can barely remember).

There are tons of scenes where the nurse is having random sex with random people for random reasons. These additional scenes were distracting and seemed to have little rhyme or reason. Why should I care that a secondary character is having sex with strangers? What does this have to do with the storyline? The plot gives the impression that the nurse and the heroine were both “fighting” or rivals for the affections of the hero. But the hero and heroine didn’t realize they were supposedly in a love triangle. So I really felt that this angle of the storyline was poorly plotted/explained.

All in all, I’d rather go bathe my dog.

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