Frostbite (Last Call #5) by Moira Rogers

April 15, 2013 4 Stars, BDSM, ebook, erotica, Paranormal Romance, Romance, series, short story/Vignette 0


Kelsey Almeida has lived every one of her lifetimes in relative silence. Her voice is a lure, one that can overcome the strongest of wills. Magic has enabled the Siren to live a normal life…except when it comes to sex. When she’s aroused, no charm can obscure the call of her voice.

Frostbite: Looking for a partner immune to supernatural seduction.

Nothing pierces the icy cool of Cain’s armor. A reaper can’t afford to be swayed by human emotions, even if he still has human needs. Kelsey’s voice heats his blood, but it’s the pleasure of unraveling her secrets that threatens to melt his self-control–and his heart.

I liked this one better than any of the other Last Call books I’ve read lately.

Again…this is super short. Super short.

This story had more relationship development than all of the other stories with the exception of Kamikaze. I wanted to know more about the characters, especially Cain. As always, the limitation of the short story format and the bar only location really restrained the story.

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