Faking It (Dempseys #2) by Jennifer Crusie

April 17, 2013 3.0 Stars, Boring Main Characters, contemporary, Hardback, Meh, prickly pear heroine, Romance, Romantic Comedy, series 0

faking it

Meet the Goodnights, a respectable family who have run a respectable art gallery for generations. There’s Gwen, the matriarch who sedates herself with double-crostics and double vodkas, Eve the oldest daughter who has a slight identity problem (she has two), and Nadine, the granddaughter who’s ready to follow in the family footsteps as soon as she can find a set that isn’t leading off a cliff. Holding everyone together is Matilda, the youngest daughter, who’s inherited the secret locked down in the basement of the Goodnight Gallery, the secret that she’s willing to do almost anything to keep, including break into a house in the dead of night to steal back her past.

Meet the Dempseys, or at least meet Davy, a reformed con man who’s just
been ripped off for a cool three million by his financial manager, who then gallantly turned it over to Clea Lewis, the most beautiful sociopath Davy ever slept with. Davy wants the money back, but more than that he’ll do anything to keep Clea from winning, including break into her house in the dead of night to steal back his future.

One collision in a closet later, Tilda and Davy reluctantly join forces to combat Clea, suspicious art collectors, a disgruntled heir, and an exasperated hitman, all the while coping with a mutant dachshund, a juke box stuck in the sixties, questionable sex, a painting of three evil fisherman closing in on a dyspeptic tuna, multiple personalities, miscellaneous Goodnights and Dempseys, and the growing realization that they can’t turn their backs on the people they were meant to be…or the people they were born to love.

Faking It: What has reality ever done for you?

This book…was very “meh” for me. The characters never clicked for me – and I don’t think I laughed until page 214. I can’t say the book was bad…it was just ok.

The beginning was rather busy and…felt rather crowded. I wasn’t sure who was who and what was what. Tilda was great and I liked her…but I didn’t feel very much for her. To be honest, I felt a little disappointed in Davy. One of the things I’ve liked the most about Crusie’s books is the depth she gives to her characters…but I didn’t feel as if I got that depth with Davy. Just about everyone felt a little cardboardish to me, to be honest.

Then there’s the issue of the bad sex. Tilda and Davy have really bad sex a couple of times…and it was rather excruciating to read. I guess it showed how much they really were attracted to each other that they kept trying…but*shrug* I guess… but it made for an uncomfortable read.

I did enjoy the ending…with the exception of Clea. I hated her in the first book Welcome to Temptation and I hated her in this one, too.

I can’t complain about this book. It…just didn’t do anything for me. But it was entertaining (more so in some parts than in others) and I finished it – which says something. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more ok with abandoning books that I hate. I think my favorite person in the book was Ford…but he doesn’t say much.

3 mehs out of 5

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