Dancing In The Moonlight (Cowboys of Cold Creek #2) by RaeAnne Thayne

April 20, 2013 2 stars, category: Harlequin, contemporary, ebook, friends to lovers, Romance, series, Small Town Romance, woman warrior 0

Dancing in the moonlight

Lieutenant Magdalena Cruz had come home…but it wasn’t the way she’d envisioned her return. And though all she wanted was to be alone, infuriatingly handsome Dr. Jake Dalton—of the enemy Daltons—wouldn’t cooperate. And she needed him to, because the walls around her heart were dangerously close to crumbling every time he came near….

Jake had spent most of his life trying to get closer to Maggie, with little to show for it. But she was the woman he’d always wanted, and no injury in the world could change that. Now if only he could convince her that the woman who stood before him was beautiful, desirable, whole…and meant to be his….

Dancing in the Moonlight is the story of military nurse Magdalena Cruz and home-town doctor Jake Dalton. Maggie and Jake have known each other their entire lives. The story starts with Maggie coming home after being discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center. She was injured in Afghanistan – one of her legs was amputated. She also lost her fiancée – he was horrified at her injuries and left her.

This book is a departure from my normal romance reading – nothing about the hero makes my heart go “pitter-pat.” I picked this up because of the heroine: she was injured in Afghanistan and lost part of her leg. My brother is currently serving in Afghanistan, so I was very intrigued to see how the author would deal with the heroine’s trauma associated both with being a soldier at war and being injured. I do feel she (the author) handled both aspects very well so far:

“I wasn’t brave, Jake. I’m not some kind of hero. I was scared every single moment I served in Afghanistan. Every second. We were in a damn safe zone and I was still terrified out of my wits to walk outside. Anytime we had to leave the base, I just about soaked my Kevlar vest with slop sweat.”

“But you still did it.”

“I didn’t have a choice! When you’re a soldier, you go where they send you!”

The hero is a nice guy. He’s the boy next door that the heroine always liked (but didn’t admit it to herself) but always hated. To keep from spoiling the plot, I can say that Maggie’s resistance to Jake dies from an unlikely conversation – and was totally out of character for the Maggie the reader already knew.

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