Clean Sweep Read – In Progress (SQUEE!)

December 5, 2013 ARC, ebook, Fantasy, Reading, series, spunky spitfire heroine, Urban Fantasy, vampires, weres, witches 0

My best friend is a huge Lil Wayne fan. I don’t understand it, personally. We are way too old for him to be a Lil Wayne fan but regardless of that, he is.

One day I was over his house hanging out when he whips out his phone to show me his tumblr (instagram? IDK, I don’t use that stuff). He was super excited because he’d posted a picture of Lil Wayne tagged as “best rapper alive.” And Lil Wayne “liked” his picture. He was almost bouncing with joy. “Lil Wayne liked my picture! He knows I exist!” I’m sure I must have looked at him like he was insane. He admitted that it was more likely that one of Lil Wayne’s assistants (or someone like that) had liked the picture but “Still, it doesn’t matter! Someone in Lil Wayne’s camp knows I exist!”

Not gonna lie, I joked the shit out of him about that.

Then Ilona Andrews announced that she was going to be sending out ARCs of her new self-published book, Clean Sweep, to review blogs. I requested a copy…

…and not only did Ilona Andrews approve me for an ARC of Clean Sweep, she answered my email and said my first name.


Ilona Andrews knows I exist! OMG.

It took me like two days to open the damn email, lol. And by that I mean I’d open the email and read it before flagging it as “unread” and then reading it again.

OMG. I swear I had a bookgasm when I saw the email. Embarrassingly, I was at work – so I had to share this information with my coworker…who gave me the serious side eye.

LOLOL! At least I have the ability to laugh at myself. Cause I’m in for a ton of joking when my friend finds out about this – especially after the way I ribbed him about Lil Wayne. Cause now I know exactly how he felt. Ilona Andrews knows I exist and she said my first name!

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