Box of 1Night Stands Anthology Review: Olivia Starke, Jessica E. Subject & Kali Willows

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Box of 1Night Stands Anthology Review: Olivia Starke, Jessica E. Subject & Kali Willows two-half-stars
Box of 1Night Stands by Jessica E. Subject, Kali Willows, Olivia Starke
Series: 1Night Stand
Published by Decadent Publishing on August 4, 2014
Genres: Erotic, Fantasy Romance, Menage, PNR, Romance
Pages: 781
Format: eBook
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Decadent Publishing presents some of the very best of the 1Night Stand series featuring NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors Jennifer Probst, Jen McLaughlin (writing as Diane Alberts) and J.M. Madden, along with 18 other trendsetting authors such as HOLT Medallion winner Desiree Holt. When Madame Eve arranges a date, you are guaranteed more than you'll ever expect. More heat, more heart, more SIZZLE...


Familiar Desires - Olivia Starke
Something deeper lies in Ashley and Justin's magical connection, something Ashley isn't prepared for....

Satin Sheets in Space - Jessica E. Subject
Danyka expects to meet her Prince Charming during her 1Night Stand, but how will she react when she's abducted by two sexy aliens?

Dragon Temptation - Kali Willows
A twin dragon and a maid of honor hook up at an exotic destination wedding for steamy romance and melted chocolate!

As a recap:

Box of 1Night Stands contains 21 stories by 21 different authors. Each story is roughly connected to each other by the framework of a dating service named “1Night Stand” run by Madam Evangeline. The dating service allows people to pay absurd amounts of money to be hooked up with someone “suitable” and willing to have a night of sex. The service includes reservations to one of the Castillo hotels and resorts (owned and run by one of satisfied 1Night Stand clients). Madam Evangeline seems to be the world’s best match-maker as all of her single night stands turn into committed relationships. Thus far the included stories are all either vignettes or very short shorts. Most seem to be between 3-5 chapters long as well.

Familiar Desires by Olivia Starke (2.5 stars)
Yet again, Meh. I wanted…IDK. More? Something else? This just didn’t work for me? IDK. I felt that – again – the shortness of the story didn’t fulfill my curiosity regarding backstory(s) and character detail. It felt a little soulless.

Satin Sheets in Space by Jessica E. Subject (2.5 stars)
Very, very “meh” alien abduction-ish menage. There was very little that felt plausible about this particular story. The beginning portion – where one of the male MCs and the heroine meet – had so much potential and I was so excited! Sadly, the potential for the ball didn’t pan out and we went straight to the alien abduction part. I called it “alien abduction-ish” because she’s not truly abducted but it’s pretty damn close.

I disliked the…very easy way in which the heroine went along with everything. No real shock at the aliens, the ship, the alien twin brother or the request to have a menage. Like, she took it all in stride. Yeah, no.

Dragon Temptation by Kali Willows (2 stars)
Let’s just say that this one starts out reeeeaaaaaly awkwardly for the MCs which made for an uncomfortable read for me. I get the impression that this story is a part 2? Or something close to/like a part 2? The characters state that the hero of this story was involved in a 1Night Stand menage with his brother and his brother’s soon to be wife. And now he’s being hooked up with the brother’s wife’s BFF. Can we say awk-ward??

Dragon Temptation uses a combination of the PNR “Fated Mates” trope to explain (away?) the fact that the hero had an emotional attachment and sexual knowledge of his twin brother’s wife. The wife saved the twin brother from certain death by way of a mating bond of some sort – which occurred during the menage? But the heroine only knows that the guy she’s sorta crushing one has carnal knowledge and emotional attachment to her BFF – and in girl code that means hands off. It was hella awkward (except the first sex scene) and the explanation felt a little thin to me. Regardless, the HEA was acheived (no matter how awkward I felt). Meh.

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