Box of 1Night Stands Anthology Review: Jennifer Probst, Kate Richards, Rebecca Royce & Olivia Starke

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Box of 1Night Stands Anthology Review: Jennifer  Probst, Kate Richards, Rebecca Royce & Olivia Starke three-stars
Box of 1Night Stands by Jennifer Probst, Kate Richards, Rebecca Royce
Series: 1Night Stand
Published by Decadent Publishing on August 4, 2014
Genres: Erotic, Fantasy Romance, Romance
Pages: 781
Format: eBook
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Decadent Publishing presents some of the very best of the 1Night Stand series featuring NYT and USA Today Bestselling authors Jennifer Probst, Jen McLaughlin (writing as Diane Alberts) and J.M. Madden, along with 18 other trendsetting authors such as HOLT Medallion winner Desiree Holt. When Madame Eve arranges a date, you are guaranteed more than you'll ever expect. More heat, more heart, more SIZZLE...


Catch Me - Jennifer Probst
Can a woman with an abused past surrender her heart and body to one night with a stranger?

The Virgin and the Playboy - Kate Richards
Can love blossom between a man who has too many dates and a woman who hasn't even found time for sex once?

Paging Dr. Wolf - Rebecca Royce
When a fateful night turns Dr. Dallas Olson into a werewolf, only Cara can help heal his heart and teach him how to howl at the moon.

As a recap:

Box of 1Night Stands contains 21 stories by 21 different authors. Each story is roughly connected to each other by the framework of a dating service named “1Night Stand” run by Madam Evangeline. The dating service allows people to pay absurd amounts of money to be hooked up with someone “suitable” and willing to have a night of sex. The service includes reservations to one of the Castillo hotels and resorts (owned and run by one of satisfied 1Night Stand clients). Madam Evangeline seems to be the world’s best match-maker as all of her single night stands turn into committed relationships. Thus far the included stories are all either vignettes or very short shorts. Most seem to be between 3-5 chapters long as well.

Catch Me by Jennifer Probst (3 stars)
Another “issue” story. I’m kind full of issue short stories at this point. 🙁

The heroine was abused by her former boyfriend. Seriously abused – like “child abuse” abuse. She was beaten, whipped, sliced, and burned with cigarettes. After which she was raped. O_O She finally escaped, worked on healing and is now looking to do the sex again? I’m not sure why she wanted this hook up, to be honest. I’m having an issue with the issues. This one felt a lot like the “magic wang” trope that I hate. The heroine is terrified of intimacy but they have sex…cause the hero (and his wang) are so magically healing. :-\

To be honest, I had more problems with this one than usual. The heroine was seriously abused. I can’t see her allowing anyone that close to her – let alone intimacy – that she doesn’t know well. I appreciate that the author had the couple cool off directly after their night of passion but it still rang a little false to me. Not so much the relationship but the incredible ease in which the heroine trusted considering her situation. In fact, I rounded up to 3 stars from 2.5 stars only because of that cooling off period.

The Virgin and the Playboy by Kate Richards (2.5 stars)
Oh so very MEH. It’s was the typical “virgin tames the playboy” trope but shorter (which meant less character development).

Paging Dr. Wolf by Rebecca Royce (3.5 stars)
Also a little “meh.” Paging Dr. Wolf was a lot more interesting than The Virgin and the Playboy…but the shortness of the story did not allow for character development, either. I did enjoy the scenes where Cara responds to Dallas in wolf-like ways and Dallas can’t understand why it made him feel better. Cute.

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