Booze: Stillhouse Apple Crisp Moonshine

October 30, 2015 Booze Review, Wine Reviews 0

Booze: Stillhouse Apple Crisp Moonshine
The aromas that came from your grandmother’s kitchen conjure up memories of baked apples, flour, cinnamon, natural oats, brown sugar, ginger and nutmeg. All of those elements culminate in the powerful nose of STILLHOUSE® Apple Crisp Moonshine. STILLHOUSE® Apple Crisp Moonshine (40 proof) is smooth and crisp with definite tones of the crisp, crumble crust that leaves you wanting another taste.

STILLHOUSE® has taken the classic American art form of making moonshine and elevated it by using 100% estate-grown corn in a proprietary recipe, and distilling it five times for superior flavor and purity. The result is remarkably smooth, with the corn's natural sweetness shining through. Unlike traditional whiskeys, STILLHOUSE® MOONSHINE does not require storage in wooden barrels or aging. Our distillation process releases the soul or "spirit" from the corn to produce a premium, clear corn whiskey that is mellower and tastier than any other moonshine.

My husband and I received this bottle of Stillhouse Apple Crisp Moonshine as an Anniversary present from a family member.

My drink of choice is wine. When I do drink liquor, I prefer Vodka. My husband’s drink of choice is liquor, dark rums in specific. With that being said, I feel that this Apple Crisp Moonshine struck a pretty balanced note between all of that.

The Stillhouse is a rather pretty bright golden yellow color. I love the way it looked in my cut crystal glass.

The major issues that both my husband and I had with the Stillhouse was that it tastes very very sweet, more like a dessert wine or a liqueur. No! It’s like plum wine! I haven’t had plum wine in forever! I really need to grab a bottle… (I digress, lol)

The Stillhouse pretty weak. The label says 40 proof but it doesn’t taste that way. I’ve drastically cut back on my alcohol consumption for caloric reasons and I’ve noticed that my tolerance has been greatly reduced. The Stillhouse still doesn’t give me a buzz and I was drinking it straight. I normally cannot drink any liquor straight.

The Stillhouse tastes strongly of apples, also of crisp apple skin. I can see it as a good fall drink when room temperature instead of over ice as directed. It reminds me of holiday drinks. I can see it being sipped at room temp while on an adult Fall or Halloween event.

I do think I will get this again in the future but it will be with a specific reason/event in mind.

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