B&M Bookstores: Capital Comics, Annapolis, MD

March 23, 2015 B&M Bookstores, shopping 0

Capital Comics
207 Main Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

capital comics outside

My Impressions:

I don’t read comics very often (read: almost never) but my husband is a huge comic book fan. I recently went into Capital Comics to buy my husband a surprise gift. The person working was wonderful! He helped me locate the specific comics I was looking for and then he assisted me in locating some trial comics that fit the theme of the others that my husband reads.

Capital Comics is pretty small but seems to have a huge collection of comics. I didn’t have any problems locating any of the more popular comics (i.e. Saga, etc) or the more obscure comics my husband enjoys.

I’m still am not a comic reader but as a gift buyer, this place is fantastic!

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