B&M Bookstores: Atomic Books, Baltimore MD

March 22, 2014 B&M Bookstores, Life, shopping 5

I’ve always loved bookstores and libraries. I love the slightly musty, stuffy and dry smells that old books produce. I love the crisp smell of fresh cut paper that new books produce. I love looking at books, fingering books, organizing books and starting at book cover art.

I don’t find this strange at all. 🙂 What do I find strange? That other people DON’T do the same things.

I can spend hours staring at books. And if I find a book I find interesting? I love to sit in the middle of the isle on the floor and flip through books.

I love owning books. I am a bibliophile.

So it is heartbreaking to me that the brick and mortar bookstore is being lost in today’s internet focused world.

As a salute to those maintaining the brick and mortar bookstore for the love of books – I decided to start listing any [indie] B&M bookstore I visit.

I recently visited Atomic Books which was recently featured in a Flavorwire post (#14): 45 Great American Indie Bookstores to Support This Holiday Season.

Atomic Books
3620 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21211 USA

Atomic Books is one of those wacky things called a small independent business with one location in Baltimore, in the lovely colorful neighborhood known as Hampden, 3620 Falls Rd.

And no, we have nothing to do with Atomic Comics or Atomic Records or Atomic Magazine.

It’s a really cool shop. There are geeky salespeople and even a cafe (that appeared to also sell wine) in the back. I really like it but it’s more of a cool hangout than a bookshop [to me].

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful shop and I’d be a regular patron if I lived in the area – but for a bibliophile dropping by from out of town…it’s more of a tourist destination. I own most of the books they carry that I want and those I don’t own – Atomic Books would need to order.

I really wish I’d taken photos but I didn’t want to make the salespeople feel like caged animals. Maybe I’ll call/email the store and inquire.

As far as books, the Usual Suspects were in prominent display: Gaiman & GRRM. I even saw a sealed copy of the Absolute Sandman – something quite a few of my friends covet. Though I could have sworn it said “Ultimate Sandman.” Obviously I am NOT a Gaiman devotee, lol.

The store focuses heavily on graphic novels, comic books, magazines, geeky games and geek novelty items (things hubby craves). All very cool but not the things [this] bibliophile’s dreams are made of. No copies of any Malazan works or Andre Norton were available.

5 Responses to “B&M Bookstores: Atomic Books, Baltimore MD”

  1. Olga Godim

    Great idea. Come to Vancouver and visit our indie bookstores. Maybe they would stop closing one by one. Maybe you’ll become a lucky charm for small bookstores. 🙂

    • MrsJoseph

      I wish I had that kind of power. “Indie-Bookstore Fairy” I’d visit each one.

      We do have plans to visit Toronto but I *think* that is on the other side of the country…? Maybe we can work Vancouver in, too.

      • Olga Godim

        Vancouver is on the West Coast, one of the most beautiful cities in North America. Not much culture but lots of nature, mountains and ocean and forests. And flowers everywhere.

        • MrsJoseph

          That does sound beautiful!

          I spoke to hubby and he told me Vancouver is in the opposite direction of most of his family. BUT there’s a few who live there, too. Maybe I can talk him into it! *fingers crossed*

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