Bertrice Small – 1937-2015

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Bertrice Small, author of over 50 Romance novels including my favorite The Kadin, passed away on February 24, 2015. She was 77 years old.

Bertrice Small is the reason I read Historical Romances. She’s the author I measure everyone against. I was shocked and saddened to hear that Mrs. Small passed away.

In my entire life, there are very few books that mean as much to me as The Kadin by Bertrice Small. The Kadin belonged to my mom and was the first Historical Romance I ever read. In elementary school.

The Kadin

The Kadin, with it’s exotic cover, exotic locations, and amazing women – The Kadin was literally my first experience with the outside world.

I stole The Kadin from my mother. LOL. I was so obsessed with The Kadin and it’s cover that it “disappeared” into my bedroom, not to be seen again for years. Then, when I became an adult I bought my mom a copy.

I’ve read The Kadin so many times that I’ve worn out at least three hardcopies. Right now I have three copies of The Kadin: one ebook, one MMPB (that’s totally worn out and needs to be replaced) and one with the original cover shown above. That version is NOT READ. It took a lot of time to track that copy down and I adore that cover.

I’ve read lots of books by Bertrice Small but none has stayed with me like The Kadin. I spent my formative years with Cyra, Zuleika, Firousi and Selim.

There are no words to truly describe how much Bertrice Small has touch both my life and my mothers. I pray that her family will find solace.

Thank you, Bertrice Small, for enriching my life.

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  1. Trent Evans

    A sad passing, no doubt:(

    I too really enjoy her writing (though I’ve only read couple of hers as yet). That’s an outstanding cover. I completely understand wanting to track a copy of that one down.

    Thank you for letting us know about this.

    • MrsJoseph

      You’re welcome. I was so sadden to hear of her passing – then it became a 1, 2 punch with Leonard Nimoy following directly behind her.

      I can only imagine that copies of her more exotic covers are going to become even more scarce. I wanted to get my mom a copy but that might not happen for some time. I do hope you enjoy your future Bertrice Small reading!

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