Review: Bad Girl Good by Sadey Quinn

January 7, 2014 2014 Read & Review, 3.0 Stars, contemporary, domestic discipline, ebook, erotica, friends to lovers, novella, Romance, self published 0

bad girl good

Chloe is a pretty brunette with a lot of spunk and not a whole lot of sense. After she experiences yet another failed relationship with a good guy, her long-time friend Todd enters the picture with romantic interest.

But being with Todd carries some weight. Instead of dealing with her behavior passive aggressively, like the other guys, Todd wants to spank her when she screws up. Can she submit to a guy who won’t put up with her when she’s bad?

“Bad Girl Good” is erotic romance, with sex, spankings, humiliation, and anal play. This novella is meant for an adult audience only.

I have some conflicting feelings about this book and it’s characters. There are a few things that I wasn’t in love with but this is still a pretty good read. It’s a relatively short read and it’s sexy. Chloe is a sweet girl who is a good friend and the backstory of her and her friends’ lives felt honest.

I really didn’t care too much for Todd at the start of the book, especially the first time Todd is on page with Chloe – the “meet-cute” if you prefer. Prior to and when Todd and Chloe first start to date, he lectures her often on how irresponsible she is, nagging her about how she is a “train-wreck.” Even if this was true…I just don’t know how well I could have taken that line of conversation. Maybe it’s pride, I don’t know. I *think* that it is…I feel that a conversation like that can be started by a family member, by a significant other, by a very good friend. But not by a potential lover, you know?

Chloe is a little immature. She does what she wants when she wants, to hell with the consequences. She did a lot of irresponsible shit – like drinking and driving which is NOT COOL – but sometimes the way Todd reacted was…a little over the top. She was 26, had her own place, had no family help and maintained a full time job to pay her bills. Yes, she could (and should!) do better but she was hardly a “train-wreck.” The list of things she “did wrong” seemed to consist of partying too much (she’s single and 26), drinking and driving on occasion (so fucked up, this felt like the only real issue for me), being frequently late and somewhat irresponsible – not the same thing as a train-wreck. I felt that her issues were exaggerated a little bit which made Todd look even worse.

Todd is…sanctimonious. He always knows the right thing for everyone and never does anything wrong (in his mind). It got tiring really quickly. He walks in and starts lecturing everyone from the minute he hits any scene. He’s super judgmental without really seeming to have much more to his character. He says a lot of “You’re wonderful, but…” The “you’re wonderful” seems to always come with a “but” with Todd and everything else was sex.

The sex was hot but routine. The impact play was sexy but also routine. I wanted a little more…description, maybe? Emotion? I’m not sure. There was nothing wrong or uncomfortable about it… It just wasn’t really hot. If I were to compare this to Trent Evans’ Maintenance Night, I would say that Evans’ Maintenance Night is much hotter in the impact play and sex department.

Even with my concerns, I can say I enjoyed the read. I do recommend this for domestic discipline readers. One problem I’ve had when searching for DD romance is locating DD books that do not have age play so I cherish each and every one I find. 🙂

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