When He Was Bad Anthology Review: Wicked Ways by Cynthia Eden

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When He Was Bad Anthology Review: Wicked Ways by Cynthia Eden two-half-stars
Wicked Ways by Cynthia Eden
Series: When He Was Bad
Published by Brava on June 1, 2008
Genres: Comedy, Erotic, PNR, Romance, Romantic Comedy
Pages: 305
Format: eBook
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I'm too dangerous for her. I know it, but I can't get my sexy new neighbour out of my head. When I hear her scream one night, the absolute last thing I expect to see is Miranda Shaw - star of my hottest fantasies - being attacked by a vampire. Now the undead jerk is after her, and I'm the only thing standing between the beautiful lady and a killer who just won't stop. Well, too bad for him, because that vamp has just made the worst mistake of his afterlife - he's tangled with a shifter. And Miranda, well, she's so busy watching out for him that she won't see me closing in on her - not until it's too late - and I'm about to show her just how wild I can get...

Wicked Ways was…boring as hell. I had to force myself to finish this one. I have to wonder if I would have enjoyed Wicked Ways more if it didn’t come on the heels of Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality slaughtered Wicked Ways and left it lying there in the mud, lol.

Wicked Ways is a pretty standard damsel in distress story – but with Weres and vampires.

The heroine, Miranda, meets a sadistic killer vampire online. She’s almost killed by the vampire but she’s saved by the hero, Cain. Then the two embark on one of my pet peeves: Cain is retired special police but he allows Miranda to get involved in the investigation. Great. Feel my enthusiasm. Of course, it goes horribly wrong and Miranda is almost killed again. Good for her! I love to see hard work pay off.

Cain manages to save the day and keep the rest of Miranda’s blood inside her body (where it belongs). Then the two dimwits vanquish the bad guy and live happily ever after. Yaay?

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