Anthology Review: A Taste of Power by Cassia Leo

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Anthology Review: A Taste of Power by Cassia Leo DNF
A Taste of Power by Cassia Leo
Published by Gloss Publishing LLC on July 26, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, mystery/thriller, Romance
Pages: 174
Format: eBook
A scorching hot bundle of alpha males from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo available for a limited time!

Included in this bundle:
- CHASE: Part 1
- LUKE: Part 1
- KNOX: Volume 1
- Unmasked: Volume 1

UNMASKED: Volume 1

She's been kept hidden for eighteen years and trained to kill, but she doesn't know why... until a mysterious and deadly stranger gains his way into her apartment and her heart.

KNOX: Volume 1
The daughter of a notorious crime boss must face the family she's been running from for four years when a sexy billionaire convinces her to help him keep her father out of prison.

LUKE: Part 1 (Mirror)
A corporate spy is sent to steal the latest billion-dollar technology from a competitor, but she gets her heart stolen instead.

CHASE: Part 1
A struggling actress finds herself in over her head when she takes a job as an escort and finds her first client is a sexy, dominating presidential candidate.

Note: This sampler anthology is no longer available. If you are interesting in reading all of the books that are sampled in this anthology, you can purchase the Complete anthology, Power Players: Four Complete Series for $9.99.

So. I picked up a copy of A Taste of Power on November 28, 2014 (1 year, 3 months on Mt. TBR) and I’m just getting around to reading it. Why did I decide to finally crack this one open? Because purple cover, of course! And speaking of covers, I noticed that the author used the same cover for both the sample anthology and the complete anthology. Because confusion is fun. *nods*

As I flipped through the story synopsis, nothing really caught my attention. I finally decided to read Unmasked: Volume 1. I really wish I hadn’t read any of it. Unmasked’s heroine is supposedly so ugly (some kind of skin condition that makes her look patchy like a pie-bald horse or something) that she cannot be outside in public without pancake makeup on. So she’s almost always in the dark. Growing up her parents kept her locked in the basement most of the time or some shit – training her to become a killer for no real given reason.

So one day the heroine meets this guy. They never have a face to face conversation/see each other in the light. Only in pitch black. WTF? Who does this??? They also have sex, etc in pitch black. Ugh. BTW, she’s a virgin. Of course. And how lovely is it to lose your virginity to someone who can’t even see your face?? FUN.

This is where the hate-skimming started. HATE-SKIMMING.

The heroine confronts the hero [gets the jump on him and ties him up] over what, I do not know. After being tied up, he tells her she’s a fucking long lost princess that he’d been sent to kill. *eye roll* He also tells her he was in love with her so he didn’t kill her.


The End.

FMRL (Fuck my reading life)

Aannnnnnndddddd I’m good. I was quite disgusted with the whole thing. This PoS was supposed to be a fucking romance. It is NOT. But at least I knocked a book off my kindle freebie list.

I don’t give a hot shit if this turd gets better or not. No more Cassia Leo for me.

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