Andre Norton: A Primer

February 8, 2014 Andre Norton, Fantasy, Favorite Authors, Reading, recommendations, Science Fiction 0

Who is Andre Norton?

She’s an author any of y’all following this blog will get to know a lot about! My favorite author, Andre Norton is the Grand Dame of Science Fiction and Fantasy. She has not only won numerous awards, she has an award named after her as well.

I first ran into Andre Norton when I was in elementary school. Some how, some way the book The Zero Stone managed to get into my elementary school library. The Zero Stone was not my first exposure to Science Fiction (that honor goes to Isaac Asimov and a collection of short stories my mom owned) but it was my first full length sci-fi. I read through it several times, confused at first but always intrigued.

It was only natural, I guess, that Andre Norton would become my favorite author later in life. It was years before I ran into Norton again: this time it was high school and a public library. It was then that I had the chance to fall in love with Andre Norton all over again. I was entranced with her Witch World series, tickled by her murder mystery and captivated by her science fiction. Andre Norton has written tons of books but my favorites are her Moon Magic series and her Witch World series.

Since this is my blog and I do what I want, I’m going to selfishly create (and post) an exhaustive list of Andre Norton’s Witch World series. As time goes by, I’ll update that list with reviews.

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