Anthology Review – Red Hot Beginnings: Flourish (House of Crimson and Clover #0.7) by Sarah M. Cradit

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Anthology Review – Red Hot Beginnings: Flourish (House of Crimson and Clover #0.7) by Sarah M. Cradit two-half-stars
Flourish by Sarah M. Cradit
Series: House of Crimson and Clover, Red Hot Beginnings
Published by Malachite Publishing LLC on October 25, 2013
Genres: Romance
Pages: 40
Format: eBook
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Following the death of her dominating mother, Anne Fontaine decides to leave the bayou to reconnect with her estranged half-sister, Adrienne Deschanel. Her hope is to forge a relationship with Adrienne that was not possible when her mother was alive. Secretly, she also hopes to find out if her extraordinary supernatural talents are shared by anyone else.

When Nicolas Deschanel gets wind of Anne's presence, he suspects that she is one of many con artists after his sister's money. Not knowing that her story is true, he engages in a game of cat-and-mouse with her, deciding to have a little fun.

Eventually, circumstances find both of them back at the Deschanel family seat, Ophélie, where secrets and stories come to life.

In April 2015 I received a free copy of the anthology Red Hot Beginnings. Red Hot Beginnings is an anthology with fourteen (14) different full length series openers. I decided to start reading Red Hot Beginnings because it was an anthology and I am hoping to find a few good books and a few new authors.

Since Red Hot Beginnings contains fourteen (14) full length novels, I’ve decided to review each entry separately.

Note: Red Hot Beginnings is no longer for sale. Each book will have to be acquired separately – some are still free.

Fourteen NYT, USA Today, and top-selling authors have banded together to bring you 14 beautifully romantic, heart-pounding stories of love, passion, and thrilling suspense. These 14 amazing books are the beginnings to incredible series. Some of these alpha males are sweet, some are sexy, and some are furry or bitey. All will fight for their women and protect them in these 14 brilliant stories by authors you’ll love!

The Navy SEAL’s E-Mail Order Bride by Cora Seton
Life Blood by V. M. Black
Beauty Touched the Beast by Skye Warren
Rae Falling by Blair Babylon
Dazzled by Silver by Lacey Silks
Flourish by Sarah M. Cradit
Fight for Her by JJ Knight
Seek by Clarissa Wild
Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris
New York by JC Andrijeski
Tigress by Alica Knight
The Ghostwriter by Jacqueline Sweet
Sugar and Salt by Pavarti K. Tyler
Desired by Alisa Woods

To quote my friend Colleen, “I must confess myself… disappointed.”

I am supposed to be reading an anthology full of Romance novel firsts: the beginnings of 14 different Romance series. So I am not sure what the fuck to call Flourish. As you can tell by the title/heading, Flourish is NOT the first in a series – it’s something like the 6th story in this damn series. I had NOT A FUCKING CLUE the import of anything that happened in this stupid story.

Also – just to add insult to injury – this is NOT a Romance. Not a Romance. This has not a hint of Romance in it – so why is it in a Romance anthology?? I seriously would like to know.

Flourish is the story of Anne Fontaine. Anne has had some family issues and is searching for her half-sister, Adrienne, in order to re-connect after a hurtful parting. In search of Adrienne, Anne meets Nicolas. Nicolas is suspicious of Anne because a lot of fortune hunters were trying to contact Adrienne. In order to “force” Anne to admit she was not Adrienne’s sister but instead another fortune hunter, Nicolas pretends to be someone other than Adrienne’s brother. Nicolas also hits on Anne (and if I’m not mistaken puts his hand up her skirt). THANK GOD they didn’t swap spit cause I would have thrown up in my mouth. Anne is Adrienne’s half-sister so she is Nicolas’s half sister, too (grossness abounds).

Nicolas takes Anne to meet their aunt and thus ends the story.

Yep. That’s it. Anne meets her family. There is no ROMANCE here and I was expecting a Romance. No wonder Red Hot Beginnings was pulled – so far the offerings have sucked major ass. I have not wanted to move forward with any of the stories I’ve read in this anthology thus far.

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