2017 Reading Challenges

Under Construction!
These are all tentative challenges until this notice is removed.

2017 “All Your Book Are Belong to Us” Challenge
Just score as many points as you can. Highest scores get bragging rights and the chance to put their initials on the leaderboard.
THIS one is my group challenge and a MONSTER. I’m excited!!

2017 Purchase Challenge
The goal of this challenge is to try to limit my book purchases to no more than $20 a month. This is a long standing challenge to keep my spending under control.

2017 Review Challenge
To review all the books read during 2017.

The “Mt. TBR” Struggle is Real Challenge 2017
Try to read at least 10 books from Mt. TBR throughout the year. Book has to have been purchased prior to 2017. I tried this one last year, too. I surpassed my goal with 23 books so the 2017 goal is 24.

Kindle Freebie Freakout! 2017
My goal is to actually read some of the numerous free books I get from Amazon. Though to be fair, I get a lot of them from Kobo, too. I tried this last year with a goal of 24 books. I only got through 14, so… 2017’s goal will be 15.

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