2016 Book Purchases: February

March 2, 2016 2016 Purchase Challenge, 2016 Purchases 0

2016 Book Purchases: February
2016!! New Year, new challenges!

This is a continuation of the purchase challenge I started in 2014, making this is the 3rd year of purchase tracking. The biggest goal of this Purchase Challenge is to control my book spending: no more than $20 per month.

I always start the draft for these monthly book purchase updates at the beginning of the month. It gives me a chance to look back over the previous month and encourage myself to do better throughout the coming month.

03-Feb-2016: Carolyn Jewel’s My Demon Warlord dropped today! I totally would have pre-ordered this if I’d had the option as I’ve really, REALLY enjoyed the My Immortals Series thus far.

11-Feb-2016: !!! Feb is starting to look like a good book acquisition month! New Anne Calhoun series and I found out Julie James dropped a new book in her FBI/US Attorney series. SCORE!

My Demon Warlord cvrBook: My Demon Warlord (My Immortals #7)
Author: Carolyn Jewel
Cost: $3.99
Format: ebook
Date Purchased: 03-Feb-2016
Notes: NEW RELEASE! *squee!* (7/7)

PS... You’re Mine cvrBook: PS… You’re Mine
Author: Alexa Riley
Cost: $0.99
Format: ebook
Date Purchased: 05-Feb-2016
Notes: Cover caught my eye and I’ve enjoyed quite a few of AR’s work.

The SEAL's Secret Lover cvrBook: The SEAL’s Secret Lover (Alpha Ops #1)
Author: Anne Calhoun
Cost: $1.99
Format: ebook
Date Purchased: 11-Feb-2016
Notes: Clearly, I’m an Anne Calhoun fan and this is a new series! (1/3)

Suddenly One Summer cvrBook: Suddenly One Summer (FBI/US Attorney #6)
Author: Julie James
Cost: $4.00
Format: Paperback
Date Purchased: 11-Feb-2016
Notes: Julie James’ FBI/US Attorney #6! (6/6)


February 2016 Totals:
Total Books Purchased: 4
Total Amount Spent: $10.97
Special Purchase Books Purchased: 0
(SP) Amount Spent: $0
(R) Amount Spent: $10.97
(O) Other/Giftcard: $0
Potential Sales Abandoned: 0
Money Saved (Lost Sales): $0
February Budget Available (not including special purchases): $9.03

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