2015 “I’ll Try Anything Once” Challenge

The Challenge: Read at least one book from each genre / category throughout the year.
Origin: This challenge originated in the Flights of Fantasy Goodreads group. There are several people taking part in it.

NOTE: Some books may fit more than one (1) category but I probably won’t do this unless the category is obscure.

Original Categories
AutoBiography or Biography – #GIRLBOSS
Dystopian + Post-Apocalyptic
Erotica – Lion and the Falcon
Fantasy – Written in Red
Graphic Novels – Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #20
Humour – Good Advice from Bad People
Juvenile Fiction + Young Adult – The Carpet People
Magical Realism
Non Fiction – The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet *In Progress*
Paranormal – Bunny and the Bear
Philosophical – The Egg *Need Review*
Romance – Love Overdue
Science Fiction – The Martian
Steampunk – What Lies Beneath the Clock Tower
Urban Fantasy – The Rook

Nyssa’s Bonus Categories Suggestions:
Award Winner – Yes Please
Banned or Challenged
Free for All (Open Slot) – The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad
GoodReads Author – Master of Crows
Mobile Read Author (For those who are also members of Mobile Read)

Becky’s Bonus Categories Suggestions:
Historical Nonfiction
Religion – Mindfulness for Beginners
Science Nonfiction
War – All You Need Is Kill

Nicki’s Bonus Categories Suggestions:
Crime Fiction
LGBT – Karen Memory
Pulp Fiction
Translated Fiction (Formerly Foreign) – All You Need Is Kill

Christine’s Bonus Categories:
Anthologies/ Short Stories – 12 Shades of Surrender
Historical Romance – Crystal Gardens
Paranormal Romance – Two’s A Couple, Three’s The Law
Romantic Suspense – Otherwise Engaged

Stephanie’s Bonus Categories Suggestions:
Animal Stories
Food Related – Nom Nom Paleo

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