2013 Washington Redskins Season: A Fan’s Opinion

December 13, 2013 Life, Opinion, Randomnessosity, Sports 0

redskins facepalm

This .gif really just explains how this season felt to me.

Between Mike Shanahan convincing the media that he actually had jackall to do with the current Redskins’ predicament, the entire country deciding to pick now to try to force Snyder into changing the team name from the Redskins and RGIII turning into RGKnee, this has been a turbulent year for the Redskins.

Every week I’ve settled down in front of the tv to watch the Redskins play. I then spend the rest of the game getting harassed via text message by my friends while alternating between screaming and cursing. By the end of almost every game I admonish myself: “Why do I keep getting on this fucking emotional roller-coaster?! I’m not doing this to myself next week!” By the middle of the next game I almost always seem to ask “Why the fuck do I keep watching this shit?!”

Because I’m a fan. And it’s stupid. And I need to check myself into fan rehab or something.

And it’s not because the team consistently loses (well, mostly not). It’s because the damn dysfunction that spills out of the head office and the locker room to splatter across the field every.freaking.week. RGIII can’t seem to shut the hell up and the Shanahans’ are looking like some pretty shitty coaches. I’m not stupid and I’m not the media looking for a new story. I remember not only last season but I also remember watching RGIII play at Baylor. The man was fast and accurate. Fast and accurate at Baylor, fast and accurate his first year at Washington (before injury). Suddenly – after being “coached up” by the Shanahans’ – RGIII looks like a completely different person: not fast and not accurate. Da fuck.

And yes. We all agree. Snyder is a total douche, he meddles to damn much and he makes bad decisions. But he’s never stunk it up like this before. Never. Shanahan had a huge part to play in this circus we call a football team. I mean…he took a fucking Heisman Trophy and NFL Rookie of the Year winner and broke him. Broke him so badly that I’ve taken to calling him Humpty Dumpty. Great job, Shanahan. Not. Just…not.

I have to keep reminding myself – as I watch the Redskins fall to 3-10 – that last year was a fluke. A blip. A bubble that has burst. While the team is not typically a 3/10 team…they have not really been better than… 8-8 in quite some time (6-10 if we’re really being honest).

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